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GIGA and King’s College to Collaborate on Academic China Journal

Leading Asia journal to be jointly published by the GIGA and the King’s College–based Lau China Institute.

Hamburg, 4 January 2017. As of this year, one of the leading journals for international research on Asia will be jointly published by the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) and the King’s College–based Lau China Institute. The Journal of Current Chinese Affairs provides peer-reviewed articles on political, economic, and social developments in the People’s Republic of China and in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. It publishes first-class, innovative research findings from academics around the world.

“In recent years the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs has established itself as one of the most cited international journals for contemporary research on China,” said Prof. Dr. Patrick Köllner, director of the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies. “Like the GIGA, the Lau China Institute is home to outstanding expertise on China and has an extensive international cooperation network. It is an ideal partner for the further development of the journal. We look forward to this collaboration.”

The Journal of Current Chinese Affairs appears three times a year. It is available free of charge in digital form and subscriptions are available for both the online and the print versions. The journal provides readers from academia, politics, business, the arts, and the media with research-based insights on key developments in China:

About the GIGA
The German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) is an independent social science research institute based in Hamburg, Germany. It studies political, social, and economic developments in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as global issues.

About the Lau China Institute
The Lau China Institute is a multidisciplinary centre for the study of all aspects of China, and with partners across Greater China.

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