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Can the G20 Process Save Globalisation? GIGA Panel Discussion on 1 March

Hamburg, 22.02.2017. In a world of global transition and domestic turmoil, international institutions are under great duress. At the same time, they are also one of our few remaining hopes for the preservation of peace and prosperity. The G20 is one such institution, and it is to be hosted this July in Hamburg, under Germany’s G20 presidency.

On 1 March, the GIGA will launch its GIGA G20 Focus Series with a panel discussion. In the first issue, GIGA President Amrita Narlikar addresses the question “Can the G20 Save Globalisation?”

The panel will address the challenges and opportunities arising from the G20 summit and its various initiatives. It will do so with an eye to the state of the world today and the rising tide of anti-globalisation. An important value-added of this discussion will be its exploration of the continuities and changes in the G20 process, drawing on the Chinese experience from last year, Germany’s current G20 presidency, and the upcoming handover to Argentina.

Panel Discussion and Launch Event for the GIGA G20 Focus Series
Can the G20 Process Save Globalisation? From China to Germany to Argentina
1 March 2017, 6:00 p.m.
GIGA, Neuer Jungfernstieg 21, 20354 Hamburg

Niels Annen, Member of the German Bundestag
Prof. Roberto Bouzas, University of San Andrés, Buenos Aires
Prof. Amrita Narlikar, President of the GIGA
Prof. Nele Noesselt, University of Duisburg-Essen

Jürgen Osterhage, MDR

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