GIGA Open Access Guidelines

As a publicly financed social science research institute and member of the Leibniz Association, the GIGA sees itself as particularly obligated to adhere to the Leibniz principle of "theoria cum praxi: science for the benefit and good of humanity". The GIGA thus aims to make its research results accessible on an ongoing basis via the Internet, without financial, technical or legal barriers – apart from those related to Internet access.

In 2009 the GIGA began publishing its own academic journals, previously available only in print and by subscription, as open-access publications as part of a DFG-funded project (GIGA Journal Family). The concise analyses comprising the GIGA Focus series are published in open-access format as well. The institute’s research findings are also set to be published in this format. In implementing this goal, the GIGA has oriented itself according to the "Guidelines on Open Access in the Leibniz Association" since 23 November 2007.

The GIGA recommends and emphatically supports the publication of its research findings in a digital, freely accessible format. This can take place directly through initial publication in an open-access publication ("golden open access") or through subsequent publication in an open-access format ("green open access"). To this end, we adhere to the following points:

  • The GIGA recommends that its authors publish their research findings and academic work in a form that facilitates immediate or eventual open-access publication.

  • Should the author feel that no suitable, high-quality open-access publication venue ("golden open Access") exists, the work may be published through a venue with more limited access. In such cases the GIGA recommends that the publication contract be carefully reviewed or amended to at least allow for the delayed publication of an open-access version in a repository ("green open access").

  • Wherever possible, the GIGA aims to provide financial support to its authors for the open-access publication of research results ("golden open access"). The so-called "double dipping" of commercial publishers – the parallel charging of fees by journals for access to online articles along with subscriptions to the print version – should, however, not be supported.

  • The GIGA Information Centre assists authors in the open-access publication of research findings in the Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR) or other repositories. Publications accessible via SSOAR are citable and are also listed in LeibnizOpen, the Leibniz Association’s open-access portal.

  • The GIGA Information Centre also supports authors by providing information and advice regarding legal questions connected to the open-access publication of their research findings.

  • In its applications for third-party funding, the GIGA aims, where possible, to apply for specific funds to finance the open-access publication of project-related data as part of the project funding.

The GIGA also views research data as an important aspect of its research. It thus strives to offer its researchers comparable support in the future to make suitable research data likewise digitally available on an ongoing basis. A concept to that end is currently being developed.

The GIGA will regularly reassess and, where necessary, adjust these guidelines in accordance with the existing framework conditions.

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