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In the span of just a few years, Taiwan's young democracy has experienced two changes of power. The most recent issue of the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs explores social, political and economic consequences.


The Board of Trustees of the GIGA has installed Dr Amrita Narlikar from the University of Cambridge to lead the institute as its new president. Her term is set to begin on 1 October 2014.


From state-building to the internationalization of Chinese enterprises: the new issue of the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs covers tradition, change and the role of the economy in Southeast Asia.

Manfred Liebel

Gewerkschaften anderer Art: organisierte Kinder in Lateinamerika

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 09/2014

Alexander De Juan / Sarah Schwahn

弱国气温上升:中东气候变化及暴力 现象

GIGA Focus International Edition Chinese, 04/2014

50 Years of GIGA

Founded in 1964 as the Deutsches Übersee-Institut (German Overseas Institute), the GIGA is now an international institute delivering world-class social science. This year it is celebrating its 50th anniversary. more


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