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At a Senate reception at Hamburg City Hall, GIGA President Amrita Narlikar called for more involvement on the part of rising powers in solving global problems.


Emerging democratic aspirations and human rights concerns in Southeast Asia could change the regional organisation ASEAN over the long term. The new issue of the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs examines the potential and limits of this development.

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In contrast to other world regions, the Middle East currently has no prominent leading power. The recent upheavals could reshuffle the cards in this race. GIGA scientists have explored not only Arab countries’ chances of taking on this role, but also those of Iran and Israel.

Günter Schucher / Heike Holbig

"Occupy" in Hongkong: Entwicklung einer neuen Jugendprotestkultur

GIGA Focus Asien, 10/2014

Shazia A. Wülbers / Joachim Betz

Die europäisch-indischen Beziehungen: Chancen, Herausforderungen und Perspektiven

GIGA Focus Asien, 09/2014

Middle East in Turmoil

Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Islamic State – the Middle East is undergoing a profound transformation. A dossier brings together background analysis and information about our experts. more

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