Ana Soares

Former Doctoral Researcher

Ana Soares

  • Current Research

    • International Security

    • Securitization Theory

    • Discourse Analysis and Speech Act Theory

    • Collective action and Contentious Politics

    • Political Psychology and Identity

    Countries and Regions

    • Latin America


    • Center for Sustainable Society Research, A Pandemic Peace? Narrative Shift in Discursive Disarmament Strategies, 2020 - 2022


    • Securitizing Narratives and Societal Mobilization: Elaborations on the Role of Grassroots Agents on the Security Stage

    Ana Soares

    Former Doctoral Researcher

    CSS Working Paper Series | 05/2022

    Global International Relations: ‘Doing Theory’ from ‘Somewhere’

    Oliver Merschel

    Prof. Dr. Antje Wiener

    Hauke Brückner

    Alvine Datchoua-Tirvaudey

    Lennart Riebe

    Gabriel Mondragón Toledo


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