Hayat Douhan

Research Fellow

Hayat Douhan

  • Short CV

    • Since 01/2020: Research Fellow / Doctoral Student at the GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies

    • 06/2018 - 12/2019: Program coordinator at Al Jazeera Media Institute, Qatar

    • 10/2016 - 06/2018: Research Assistant at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar

    • 08/2015 - 05/2016: Arabic Language Teacher/Fulbrighter at Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA, USA

    • 09/2009 - 09/2016: A high school teacher at the Ministry of National Education, Morocco

    • Education: B.A. in English Studies & MA in Applied Linguistics from Moulay Ismail University, Morocco; M.A. in Media and Cultural Studies from Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar

    Current Research

    • Religion and The Cyberspace (Religion Online)

    • Religious Authority and Knowledge Production

    • Moroccan Diaspora in Europe

    Countries and Regions

    • Middle East and North Africa

    Research Programmes


    • Constructing and Deconstructing Religious Authority Online and Offline: Moroccan Muslim Diaspora in Germany as a Case Study

    Hayat Douhan

    Research Fellow


    GIGA Focus Middle East | 4/2022

    Social Media in Morocco: From Grassroots Activism to Electoral Campaigns

    Social media played an important role during the campaigns leading up to the Moroccan elections in September 2021. Digital campaigning contributed to the victory of the new ruling party. In the future, a more effective legal framework is needed to guarantee the transparency and fair funding of digital electoral campaigns.

    Eleonora Landucci

    Lena Richter


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