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Seminar in Interdisciplinary Research


30/05/2022 - 01/06/2022


02:30 p.m. (CET)


06:00 p.m. (CET)

  • Social Scientists are increasingly asked to engage in research on wicked problems; that is topics which are so complex that they cannot be answered through one theoretical lens or methodological approach. There is recognition that as the world becomes more integrated through financial, technological, and governance mechanisms, and challenged through competing visions of future order, climate change, bio-politics, and security etc. new ways of thinking, approaching, and conducting research are needed. This is where interdisciplinary research methods are making a difference. Interdisciplinarity sits at the intersection of different disciplines and at forefront of research innovation. The approach conscientiously draws on a range of concepts, theories, methods, and approaches, integrating and applying these to problems as a means of advancing more balanced and robust responses. This seminar will focus on interdisciplinarity in the social sciences and will examine how an interdisciplinary approach can prepare researchers and practitioners for research in an increasingly complex arena. The course will orient participants in the background of this approach, answering questions such as, what is interdisciplinarity? How does it differ from other approaches? And why should we consider interdisciplinarity in our own research? The course will take participants through the process of conducting interdisciplinary research from the conceptualization and framing of a research project through to data collection and analysis. The course will also discuss some practical questions such as where can one publish interdisciplinary research? What kind of impact can this research have? And are there funding opportunities and collaborations available? The course will utilize a mixed format of lectures, discussions, and activities, but the focus will remain on empowering each participant to think about and (re)formulate their own proposed research project through an interdisciplinary lens.  


    The online course will take place from 30 May to 1 June 2022 from 2:30 pm to 6 pm. A link to the course and further information will be provided to the participants after successful registration. 

    About the lecturer

    Dr. Zacharias Pieri is an Associate Professor of International Relations and Global Security at the School for Interdisciplinary Global Studies (SIGS), at the University of South Florida. His research takes an interdisciplinary approach sitting at the intersection of religion, politics, and violence. He has two current areas of focus. The first is on the dynamics of violent extremism in west Africa, and the impacts of growing Chinese influence in the region. He is an expert on Boko Haram and other jihadist groups in Africa. The second area pertains to the rise of right-wing extremism in the United States, and in particular a comparative examination of the culture of white power groups with jihadists and eco-terrorists. Pieri is author of three books, the most recent of which is, Boko Haram and the Drivers of Islamist Violence (2019). Dr. Pieri regularly advises the British and US governments on conflict in Africa, and has advised the US Department of Defense, The US State Department, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defense, as well as other government entities. In 2020 he was invited by Special Operations Command to give the keynote address at the annual Flintlock Training Exercise in West Africa where he presented to several heads of state.  

    *Please note that the registration period has closed.


    Online Course, Hamburg


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