André Bank / Christiane Fröhlich

The Governance of Syrian Refugees in the Middle East: Lessons from the Jordan and Lebanon Compacts

Digest of Middle East Studies | 2021

  • GIGA Focus Middle East | 1/2022

    Doom and Gloom: Leaving Erdoğan’s Turkey

    Although known as a host and transit country, Turkey today is in the midst of its fifth wave of emigration as a result of the country’s authoritarian and economic challenges. From asylum seekers to wealthy businesspeople, many seek to leave Erdoğan’s Turkey to make a fresh start elsewhere.

    GIGA Focus Middle East | 5/2021

    How EU Pressure Hampers Circular Migration between Niger and Libya

    Under pressure from its European partners, the Nigerien government has prohibited Nigeriens to transport international migrants north from Agadez towards Libya or Algeria. This law does not only affect international migrants, but also the local population, as this analysis shows.

    Mattea Weihe

    Mounkaila Abdou


    BMZ-Ländergespräch Jordanien

    Workshop 17/06/2021


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