Indi-Carolina Kryg

Doctoral Researcher | Representative of Doctoral Researchers

Indi-Carolina Kryg

  • Short CV

    • Since 10/2020: Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies and member of the GIGA Doctoral Programme

    • 2019-2022: Personal Assistant to the GIGA President

    • 2018-2019: Student Assistant in DFG-Project “Security Sector Reform and the Stability of Post-War Peace“ at the GIGA (ILAS)

    • July 2017, June-July 2022: Guest scientist as “Estudiante Huésped” at the CIESAS-Noreste Mexico

    • 2015-2017: Student Assistant in DFG-Project “Ethnic Voting in Latin America” at the GIGA (ILAS)

    • Education: M.A. in Political Science (Comparative and Regional Studies), B.A. in Political Science, University of Hamburg

    Current Research

    • Migration and Refugee Studies

    • Critical Citizenship Studies

    • Border Regimes

    • Political Agency

    • Civil Society Organisations

    Countries and Regions

    • Latin America

    • Central America

    • Mexico


    • Latin American Studies Association, Membership in region-specific association or network, since 2022
    • Section "Migraciones, Desplazamientos y Movilidades Section", LASA, Membership of committee, section or working group, since 2022
    • German Association for Latin American Studies, Membership in region-specific association or network, since 2018
    • Nachwuchsgruppe der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Lateinamerikaforschung, Indi Kryg is part of the spokespeople team for the Junior Research Group of ADLAF since 2016., 2016 - 2022


    • The Political Agency of Migrants in the South-South Migration: Non-governmental Organisations and the Political Participation of Latin American Immigrants in Mexico

    Indi-Carolina Kryg

    Doctoral Researcher / Representative of Doctoral Researchers

    T. +49 (0)40 - 428

    Lateinamerika Nachrichten / LN 582 | Article | 23/11/2022

    Four Women, One Common Struggle: On the Activism of Latin American Migrants in Mexico

    Migrants from Latin American countries have to struggle with feminicide, racism and forced disappearances in Mexico, even under the current government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

    Deutsche Welle | Quote | 09/06/2021

    Wie die USA Einwanderung verhindern wollen

    Organiser, Panelist, Panelist | 19/04/2022

    Violence Against Women in Latin America

    In this collaborative event, ILAS Director, Merike Blofield, and Edith Ferreto, Executive Director of the Mexican Section of Amnesty International, discussed the extent of gender-based violence against women, state protections, and feminist movements. Indi Kryg moderated this event.

    Teaching | Universität Hamburg | 2020

    Migration und politische Agency in den Amerikas

    Universität Hamburg Hamburg Germany


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