Simone Gobien / Sarah Wiegel / Stefan Silvestrini / Susanne Johanna Väth

Cocoa Baseline Survey for Comprehensive Impact Evaluation of WIENCO Ghana Ltd. Out-Grower Scheme


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    This data collection is part of an impact evaluation to measure and evaluate the effect of participation in contract farming on the agricultural production of small-scale farmers, their household income, living and working conditions. The baseline was conducted between August and Novemeber 2016. Midline and endline data will be collected in 2018 and 2020, respectively. About a third of all sampled farmers have been participating in a cocoa contract farming scheme run by the Cocoa Aprabopa Association (CAA) - a private sector initiative - at the time of the baseline survey. 240 more farmers have been enrolled in the out-grower scheme in previous years but dropped-out of the scheme by 2016. The remaining 1,000 interviewed cocoa farmers have never been members of CAA and serve as a comparison group. The dataset includes information on - farmer and household characteristics, - household assets, - land holdings, - cocoa and other crop production, - shocks and coping strategies, - income from wage- and self-employment, - household expenditures, - savings and credit.




    01/08/2016 - 01/11/2016

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    Dr. Simone Gobien

    Dr. Simone Gobien

    Formerly Associate

    Sarah Wiegel

    Sarah Wiegel

    Former Doctoral Researcher

    Stefan Silvestrini

    Stefan Silvestrini

    Susanne Johanna Väth

    Susanne Johanna Väth


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