Désirée Reder

Doctoral Researcher

  • Short CV

    Doctoral Researcher, Center for Conflict Studies, Philipps University Marburg and German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg
    Topic: The Legitimation of Violent Repression Against Peaceful Dissent.

    Supervisors: Prof Thorsten Bonacker, Prof Sabine Kurtenbach

    PhD Scholarships from the Foundation of German Business (sdw)
    and from the Claussen-Simon Foundation

    Current Research

    • Security Sector Reforms

    • State Repression

    • Violent Democracies

    • Social Protest

    • Discursive Politics

    Countries and Regions

    • Central America

    • Latin America

    Research Programmes


    • Women in International Security


    • State Violence and Contentious Politics in Democracies. Justifying Shrinking Spaces and Violent State Repression in the Name of Democracy.

    Research Project | 01/05/2016 - 31/01/2020

    Security Sector Reform and the Stability of Post-War Peace

    Security Sector Reform (SSR) is commonly defined as changes in the structure and conduct of those state institutions responsible for the prosecution and punishment of non-legal manifestations of violence: the military, police, and judiciary. Scholars and practitioners alike thereby see the process of SSR as one of the most vital elements for creating a stable post-war peace. The project investigates the conditions for this process.
    DFG, 2016-2020

    Welt am Sonntag | Quote | 23/07/2021

    Acht Kinder an den Schalthebeln der Macht

    Welt am Sonntag | Quote | 18/07/2021

    Die Familienbande

    Speaker | 11/11/2021

    ScrumAdemia: How to organize your PhD using iterations and a team

    Graduiertenakademie GradTUBS Braunschweig: 11/11/2021

    Doctoral Researchers face various challenges including receiving
    training on research methods, regular supervision and feedback,
    and loneliness.
    While research institutions provide methods training, supervision
    depends on the individual PhD-advisors, and information on PhDorganization is often limited on introductory self-help guides.
    Experiences of loneliness due to the lack of working in a team can
    also lead to mental health issues. Additionally, the long-term
    prospect of a huge project such as a dissertation provides only few
    rewarding moments on the way. Thus, the struggles of day-to-day
    work organization are generally overlooked.
    Scrum provides a solution to some of these issues by introducing a
    team structure, regular meetings, and an iterative work style with
    short-term achievements. Originating from software development,
    Scrum needs to be adjusted to the very particular academic
    context. This is why we came up with: ScrumAdemia!

    Désirée Reder

    Doctoral Researcher

    Consultant | 21/10/2021

    (Not) a free election? - Nicaragua ahead of the presidential elections

    Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Potsdam: 21/10/2021

    Désirée Reder

    Doctoral Researcher

    Consultant | 22/09/2021

    Kommunales Austauschtreffen zur Projektzusammenarbeit mit Kommunen in Nicaragua angesichts der aktuellen politischen Entwicklung

    Other 22/09/2021

    Désirée Reder

    Doctoral Researcher


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