Amrita Narlikar

Rebooting Germany’s Foreign Policy towards China

Policy paper | 2022

  • Abstract

    It has taken a full-blown war between Russia and Ukraine to create the long-awaited Zeitenwende in Germany’s foreign policy. Olaf Scholz is to be credited for his decisive leadership; without it, and without the backing of the Greens, perhaps even war on Europe’s borders might not have sufficed as a wake-up call. But even as Germany tries to reduce its energy dependence on Russia and beefs up its defence capabilities, the urgent question arises: Will this European giant finally also take a cold, hard look at the threat posed by China?


    Observer Research Foundation (ORF)


    Raisina Debates

    GIGA Focus Global | 2/2022

    The War in Ukraine from the Perspective of the Global South: Not an Epochal Turn

    States in the global South want to choose themselves where and with whom they cooperate. This is how they safeguard their autonomy in an increasingly multipolar world characterized by great power rivalries. In the Global South Russia is not a pariah-state.


    The Global Economic Order and its Implications for European Security (online)

    GIGA President Amrita Narlikar was invited to kick off the debate on global trends in this core seminar. She provides her expertise through an analysis of global economic developments and security implications, as well as in an extensive round discussion with participants from across federal ministries, the business community, and the security sector.

    Policy paper | 07/2021

    Mind the Gap: Priorities for Transatlantic China Policy: Report of the Distinguished Reflection Group on Transatlantic China Policy

    China is at the top of the transatlantic agenda. Throughout the first half of 2021, the Distinguished Reflection Group on Transatlantic China Policy worked to advocate a more joined-up approach to China. Prof. Amrita Narlikar contributed to the policy report as member of this group of noted senior specialists.

    Wolfgang Ischinger

    Prof. Dr. Joseph Samuel Nye, Jr.


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