André Bank / Sabine Kurtenbach

Covid-19 als Chance für den Frieden?: Ernüchternde Erfahrungen aus Kolumbien und Syrien

Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung (ZeFKo) | 2020

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    Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung (ZeFKo)





    GIGA Focus Global | 6/2021

    The Shadow Pandemic: Policy Efforts on Gender-Based Violence during COVID-19 in the Global South

    With the pandemic, the risk of violence against women and children, especially within the home, increased further as people sheltered at home at the same time that they faced great financial and emotional stress. The authors of this GIGA Focus assess government efforts to address and treat gender-based violence.

    Research Project | 01/03/2021 - 31/08/2022

    COVID-19 and the Dynamics of (Post-)War Violence: Lessons from Colombia and Syria

    What are the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the dynamics of violence during and after civil wars? The project analyses the pandemic-related reconfiguration of social and political orders in a comparative study of Syria and Colombia at subnational levels. In this way, it will provide new knowledge on violence dynamics in two of the most complex conflicts today and be able to suggest crucial lessons for similar (post-)war contexts in other parts of the world.
    Volkswagen Foundation, 2021-2022

    Sustainability | 07/2020

    Exploring Connections - Environmental Change, Food Security and Violence as Drivers of Migration - A Critical Review of Research

    Héctor Morales

    Srijna Jha

    Dr. Michelle Chevelev-Bonatti

    Dr. Henryk Alff

    PD Dr. Stefan Sieber


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