Jose Antonio Ordonez / Michael Jakob / Jan Christoph Steckel / Anna Fünfgeld

Coal, Power and Coal-powered Politics in Indonesia

Environmental Science and Policy | 2021

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    Environmental Science and Policy





    Jose Antonio Ordonez

    Dr. Michael Jakob

    Jan Christoph Steckel

    GIGA Focus Asia | 2/2020

    Coal vs Climate – Indonesia’s Energy Policy Contradicts Its Climate Goals

    Being the fourth-largest country, Indonesia plays an essential role in international climate protection. While the government has implemented forest and peatland protection measures, national energy planning heavily relies on fossil fuels, and is in clear conflict with the country’s climate goals.

    Anna Fünfgeld

    Doctoral Researcher

    Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies (ASEAS) | 2016

    The State of Coal Mining in East Kalimantan: Towards a Political Ecology of Local Stateness

    Anna Fünfgeld

    Doctoral Researcher


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