Evan Romero / Mariana Llanos / Christopher Martínez

What Congress for Chile? Unicameralism, Bicameralism, and the New Constitution

Contribution | 2022

  • Abstract

    After the major social protests in Chile in 2019, a new, more inclusive, and fairer constitution came on the agenda for change. In 2022, Chileans will decide by referendum whether or not to approve it. One of the proposals for a new constitution is to change the structure of the national congress, on which Chileans have been keenly debating in the last weeks.

    In this audio interview, journalist Evan Romero talks with GIGA expert Prof. Dr. Mariana Llanos and Ass. Prof. Dr. Christopher Martínez Nourdin from the Catholic University of Temuco in Chile about the impact of and expectations from the adoption of either a unicameral or a bicameral legislative structure. Listen in now!

    This conversation is hosted by the GIGA and is brought to you as a part of our knowledge transfer programme.


    German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

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    Evan Romero

    Prof. Dr. Mariana Llanos

    Lead Research Fellow / Head of Research Programme "Accountability and Participation"

    T. +49 (0)40 - 428 25-766mariana.llanos@giga-hamburg.de

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Christopher Martínez

    Research Project | 01/05/2021 - 30/04/2026

    Democratic Institutions in the Global South (DEMINGS)

    This project contributes new knowledge on the functioning of democratic institutions in the Global South, their (in)efficacy to constrain powerful executives, and the effects of particular institutions on both democratic quality and regime stability. The focus is on countries with presidential constitutions, i.e., those with directly elected presidents, an institutional choice that extended worldwide in the last decades.
    Leibniz Competition, 2021-2026

    Prof. Dr. Mariana Llanos

    Lead Research Fellow / Head of Research Programme "Accountability and Participation"

    Eduardo Tamaki

    Doctoral Researcher


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