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GIGA researchers are sought-after experts for policy-makers.

  • The GIGA conducts social-science research with real-world relevance on Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, and on global developments.

    With our global approach to scholarship, we are committed to working with perspectives, concepts, and experiences from different world regions. We analyse how political, social, and economic transitions originate, and how they unfold across the world and within the regions.

    On the basis of our research, we advise policymakers and actively engage with academic, political, and societal stakeholders in Germany, at the European and international levels, and in the regions of the Global South.

    GIGA researchers are sought-after experts among decision-makers in the German executive branch – especially the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Office of the Federal President –, as well as for members of parliament, inter- and supranational bodies, non-governmental organisations, the media, and the wider public. The GIGA Berlin Office, located in the heart of the capital, is dedicated to knowledge transfer with Berlin-based political, civil society, academic, and media institutions.

    Our GIGA Focus publication series provides short analyses and policy implications on current developments worldwide.

    GIGA Focus Asia | 1/2023

    Disengagement from China: United States and European Union Policies Compared

    Comparing US and European China policies of recent years reveals a widening gap. While the Biden administration’s China policy is fixated on competition and national security, and preoccupied with renewing US global leadership, the EU essentially remains open to cooperation with China.

    Dr. Margot Schüller

    Senior Research Fellow

    In Brief | 18/01/2023

    GIGA President Professor Amrita Narlikar Serves as Co-Chair of Think20 Taskforce

    Think20 (T20) invited GIGA President Professor Amrita Narlikar to serve as a Co-Chair of Taskforce 3: Lifestyle for Environment, Resilience, and Values for Wellbeing during India’s G20 Presidency in 2023. T20 is an official G20 engagement group.

    GIGA Focus Global | 1/2023

    Threat and Integration: Attitudes towards Refugees in Germany

    In 2023, German and European authorities expect refugee numbers to rise further. Whether existing attitudes towards refugees in Germany can be changed by positive or negative statements made about their further admission in future is discussed in this Focus Global.

    GIGA Focus Latin America | 1/2023

    Closing Spaces: The Last Bulwark of Nicaraguan Civil Society under Attack

    The Nicaraguan government’s attack on Catholic priests is bringing the former alliance between the government and the Church to breaking point, while contributing also to the gradual implosion of the authoritarian regime. While the Pope encourages dialogue, the space for civil society has eroded.

    Désirée Reder

    Doctoral Researcher

    GIGA Focus Africa | 1/2023

    Ten Things to Watch in Africa in 2023

    Russia’s war against Ukraine has accelerated international competition for influence in Africa. Structural weaknesses and post-pandemic instabilities continue to threaten democratic governance, peace, and development. We present a selective list and analysis of “ten things to watch” in Africa in 2023.

    Prof. Dr. Matthias Basedau

    Director of the GIGA Institute for African Affairs / Editor GIGA Focus Africa

    Dr. Julia Grauvogel

    Senior Research Fellow / Research Team Spokesperson

    GIGA Focus Global | 7/2022

    G20: The Global South’s New Status-Seeking Platform?

    The G20 is now a central forum for solving the current global polycrisis. It has also become a place where Global South governments, like India’s or Turkey’s, seek to acquire and project higher status on the world stage. Policymakers need to understand and embrace this key foreign policy dynamic.

    GIGA Focus Middle East | 7/2022

    Blaming Nature: Legitimising the Mismanagement of Natural Resources

    “Ecologisation” is a strategy by which state actors present mismanagement and bad governance as the unavoidable accompaniments to natural disasters. In future, it will be important to acknowledge this strategy’s use so that climate action and human rights cannot be played off against each other.

    Dr. Christiane Fröhlich

    Research Fellow / Research Team Spokesperson

    GIGA Focus Global | 6/2022

    Bolstering the Bromances: Turkey’s and Iran’s Tightening Ties with Africa

    The war against Ukraine has created possibilities for emerging actors in Africa – such as Iran and Turkey – to scale up their engagement with the continent. This Focus deals with the question of how the changing global dynamics are allowing Iran and Turkey to boost their ties across the African continent.

    Mira Demirdirek

    Research Fellow

    Hamid Talebian

    Doctoral Researcher


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