Julia Strasheim

No ‘End of the Peace Process’: Federalism and Ethnic Violence in Nepal

Cooperation and Conflict | 2019

  • GIGA Focus Latin America | 4/2020

    Indigenous Peoples under Pressure

    Dr. Daniel Flemes

    Formerly Senior Research Fellow

    Svenja Schöneich

    Formerly Associate

    Research Project | 01/05/2016 - 31/01/2020

    Security Sector Reform and the Stability of Post-War Peace

    Security Sector Reform (SSR) is commonly defined as changes in the structure and conduct of those state institutions responsible for the prosecution and punishment of non-legal manifestations of violence: the military, police, and judiciary. Scholars and practitioners alike thereby see the process of SSR as one of the most vital elements for creating a stable post-war peace. The project investigates the conditions for this process.
    DFG, 2016-2020


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