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New Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 3/2021

This special issue of the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs focuses on various aspects of Chinese economic statecraft and answers the question: How uniquely Chinese are its characteristics?

  • Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 50, No. 3 (2021)

    Special Issue: PRC Economic Statecraft Explored: How Uniquely Chinese Are Its Characteristics?


    • Priscilla Roberts: Economic Statecraft with Chinese Characteristics: Strange, New, and Different, or Old Wine in New Bottles? Abstract | PDF

    Research Articles

    • William J. Norris: China's Post-Cold War Economic Statecraft: A Periodization Abstract | PDF

    • Geoffrey C. Gunn: Chinese Economic Statecraft in Indonesia/East Timor: A Historical and Regional Perspective Abstract | PDF

    • Shu G. Zhang, Ni Chen: Beijing’s Institutionalised Economic Statecraft Towards Brazil: A Case Study Abstract | PDF

    • Pedro Henrique Batista Barbosa: Chinese Economic Statecraft and China's Oil Development Finance in Brazil Abstract | PDF

    • Kai Yin Allison Haga: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: A Qualified Success for Beijing's Economic Statecraft Abstract | PDF


    • Tim Summers: Carrots, not Sticks: A Historical Analysis of Beijing's Economic Statecraft Towards Hong Kong Abstract | PDF


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