Jörg Wischermann / The Cuong Bui / Thi Viet Phuong Dang

Vietnamese Civic Organisations: Supporters of or Obstacles to Further Democratisation? Results from an Empirical Survey

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs | 2016

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    Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs










    GIGA Focus Africa | 6/2021

    A Weapon of the Weak: Fighting Police Brutality through Social Media

    Social media can provide a voice for marginalised actors. In this GIGA Focus Africa, GIGA researcher Lynda Chinenye Iroulo analyses the regulation of social media using the example of the Nigerian movement "EndSARS" and shows that the right to freedom of expression remains under pressure.

    Research Project | 01/07/2013 - 01/06/2016

    Civil Society Organizations as Supporters of Authoritarian Rule? A Cross-Regional Comparison (Vietnam, Algeria, Mozambique)

    The project explores in which ways civil society organisations (CSOs) contribute to the preservation or weakening of the authoritarian state’s infrastructural and discursive power. It is based on cross-regional comparisons of CSOs in the post-socialist countries Algeria, Mozambique, and Vietnam.
    DFG, 2013-2016

    Prof. Dr. The Cuong Bui

    Prof. Dr. Louisa Ait Hamadouche

    Prof. Dr. Larbi Icheboudene

    Prof. Dr. Larbi Mehdi

    Prof. Dr. Samuel Quive


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