The GIGA and the G20

The GIGA and the G20

Germany held the G20 presidency in 2017. The German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) has a long-standing record of top-class research on G20-related topics such as global governance, economic development, trade, climate change, sustainable development, and migration, as well as peace and security. It is making its particular expertise directly available to the G20 process. It addresses global issues and provides valuable perspectives from world regions that otherwise often tend to be excluded.

The GIGA is a member of the international T20 (Think-20) network, which is coordinated by fellow institutes ifw and DIE. It serves as an “ideas bank” for the G20 and provides research-based policy advice. Jann Lay, head of the GIGA’s “Growth and Development” research programme, co-chairs the 2030 Agenda Task Force, and senior research fellow André Bank is a contributor to the T20 task force on forced migration.

The GIGA is also active in the C20 (Civil-20) network, an international association of civil society organisations that facilitates an exchange of critical reflection and political perspectives amongst civil society in G20 countries and beyond on the G20 agenda.

GIGA Focus Asia | 3/2017

Gender Justice as an International Objective: India in the G20

Dr. Daniel Neff

Formerly Research Fellow

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