Dr. Insa Flachsbarth


  • Short CV

    • Since 06/2021: Associate at the GIGA Institute of African Affairs

    • 11/2019 - 05/2021: Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute of African Affairs, project "Landmatrix"

    • 2016 - 2019: GRK1666 "GlobalFood", Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Georg-August-University of Göttingen

    • 2010 - 2015: CEIGRAM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spanien, Research Fellow and Doctoral student

    • 2009 - 2010: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Research Fellow

    • 2008: Mabanaft Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG, Hamburg, Fuel trader

    • 1999 - 2007: DZ BANK AG, Apprenticeship and Student trainee baking business

    • Education: Dr. (summa cum laude) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain, Dissertation on: „A multi-scale analysis of transforming agricultural markets in the context of globalization: implications for natural resources, food prices and rural poverty in Latin America”; M.A. in Business Administration (Diplom-Kauffrau) at the University of Hamburg, Universidad del Azuay, Ecuador

    Current Research

    • Effects of global land acquisitions on economic development and the environment

    • Globalising agricultural markets and private governance structures

    • Globalisation and natural resources

    Countries and Regions

    • Africa

    Dr. Insa Flachsbarth



    Monograph | Bern Open Publishing | 2021

    Taking Stock of the Global Land Rush: Few Development Benefits, many Human and Environmental Risks

    More than a decade after the surge in large-scale land acquisition in the Global South, the Land Matrix Initiative takes stock of the "global land rush" and its socioeconomic and environmental impacts in its third analytical report. The findings are alarming.

    Policy Brief | 10/2020

    Responsible Large-Scale Agricultural Investments in and by G20 Countries: A Call for more Transparency

    The Group of 20 (G20) has recognized the need for more responsible land investments in targeted lower- and middle-income countries, but land deals remain opaque. This policy brief suggests the necessity of mandatory due diligence in global supply chains.

    Dr. Angela Harding

    Dr. Ward Anseeuw

    Dr. Jeremy Bourgoin

    Agricultural Economics | 2020

    The Role of Institutional Quality on the Performance in the Export of Coconut Products

    Dr. Jessie Lin

    Prof. Dr. Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel

    GlobalFood Discussion Papers | 01/2020

    The uneven spread of Global G.A.P. certification

    Nina Grassnick

    Bernhard Brümmer

    Research Project | 01/04/2019 - 31/12/2023

    The Land Matrix, Phase III

    The Land Matrix Initiative (LMI) is a global and independent initiative that monitors competition over land use in the Global South. Its goal is to facilitate an open development community of citizens, researchers, policy-makers, and technology specialists to promote transparency and accountability in decisions over land and large-scale land-based investment. The GIGA is a key partner in this initiative and hosts the Land Matrix Database. The third phase of the Land Matrix aims at upscaling the use and generation of its data at different levels and across different stakeholder categories.
    BMZ, EU, DEZA, 2019-2023

    Consultant | 15/12/2020

    Research-Policy Linkages: How to improve Evidence-based Policy Advise in the Land Sector?

    Workshop 15/12/2020

    Panel discussion:
    Evidence-based policy helps to make well-informed decisions about policies, programs and projects, by placing the best available evidence from research at the heart of policy development and implementation. This also accounts for policymaking in the land sector. But how can we implement evidence-based policy in a sector where data is usually scarce or difficult to access? How can we respond with policies and programs to in-creasingly rapid global trends while still relying on robust science? And what is the key to good science communication, given that the validity of scientific facts is coming under increasing pressure worldwide? In this session we would like to address these questions and focus on the relationship between good research and policymaking in the land sector and how good science communication can work. Through a panel discussion covering different perspectives, we want to learn from the experiences of experts and conduct a reality check to see if we are on the right track and what else we need.

    Speaker | 17/09/2020

    Land Matrix: Mit mehr Transparenz für verantwortungsvolle Agrarinvestitionen & Neue Evidenz zu Landinvestitionen, ländlicher Entwicklung und sozialen Konflikten

    Other 17/09/2020

    Online Vortrag zum Wissenstransfer bei der AG Land

    Speaker | 16/06/2020

    Responsible Large-Scale Agricultural Investments in and by G20 Countries: A Call for More Transparency

    Think 20 - T20 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: 16/06/2020

    Task Force10: Sustainable Energy, Food, and Water Systems, Breakout Session for T20 Saudi Arabia Meeting (online)


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