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New Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 3/2022

Under the headline of “The Chinese Communist Party at 100”, this special issue of the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs handles a variety of themes such as the concept of political loyalty in China, (lack of) democracy in the country, and the ‘Chinese Dream’ ideology further emphasised by Xi Jinping.

  • Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 51, No. 3 (2022)

    Special Issue: The Chinese Communist Party at 100

    Guest Editors: Jérôme Doyon, Chloé Froissart


    • Jérôme Doyon, Chloé Froissart: A Long-Term Perspective on the Chinese Communist Party Abstract | PDF

    Research Articles

    • Jean-Pierre Cabestan: Organisation and (Lack of) Democracy in the Chinese Communist Party: A Critical Reading of the Successive Iterations of the Party Constitution Abstract | PDF

    • Jérôme Doyon, Long Yang: Shades of Red: Changing Understandings of Political Loyalty in the Chinese Communist Party, 1921–2021 Abstract | PDF

    • Patricia M. Thornton: From Frame of Steel to Iron Cage: The Chinese Communist Party and China's Voluntary Sector Abstract | PDF

    • Kerry Brown: Knowing and Feeling the “China Dream”: Logic and Rhetoric in the Political Language of Xi’s China Abstract | PDF

    • Frank N. Pieke: The Chinese Communist Party as a Global Force Abstract | PDF


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