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GIGA Session on Philosophical Assumptions in Empirical Research




10:00 a.m. (CET)


12:00 noon (CET)

  • In this GIGA Session, we will talk about the practical and ethical implications of different philosophical positions in social scientific practices, how the choice could modify or change our conduct in designing and executing a study, and the benefits of being more reflective about one’s philosophical assumptions as a researcher. To guide the discussion, the lecturer will introduce some examples from current GIGA projects on legitimate multipolarity and on dissociation processes from international institutions as well as his own research. Participants are encouraged to reflect upon their doctoral projects from the perspective of philosophy of science and be prepared to share their reflections during the class.  


    The course takes place online on 21 October 2021 from 10am to 12pm.

    About the Lecturer

    Sinan Chu is a research fellow at the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies. His research interests include authoritarian politics, international relations theory, science and politics, and legitimacy in global governance, with a regional focus on the People’s Republic of China. 

    *Please note that the registration period has closed.


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