ECPR General Conference 2022: GIGA Scientists Present Their Research

This year, GIGA researchers will once again present their research findings at the general conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). The annual congress of the leading European association for Political Science serves to help researchers network as well as drives the further development of research in all subfields of the discipline.

  • From 22 to 26 August 2022, GIGA researchers will lead virtual panels and discussion groups on-site at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. In lectures, they will present their contributions to democracy research as well as work on state institutions, international relations, questions of social polarisation, the legitimacy of international organisations, and methodological developments to enable further discussion. All of our scholars’ contributions can be found below.

    The ECPR is the leading association for Political Science in Europe. The general conference brings together over 4,600 scholars from around the world annually to discuss current research topics and to advance the development of all Political Science subdisciplines.


    How to Tell the World about your Research: Blogs and Blogging with the Loop

    A blog article’s accessible shorter format, potential reach beyond academia, and swift turnaround time makes blogging an important part of a contemporary scholar’s research profile. You will hear from our editors, along with recurrent contributors Hager Ali and Ruairidh Brown, about what it takes to craft a great submission.


    Discursive Legitimation, and the Life Stages of International Organizations

    Henning Schmidke presents his paper "Discursive Legitimation, and the Life Stages of International Organizations” at the panel “Contestation Management in International Organizations" at the ECPR General Conference 2022.


    ECPR General Conference 2022

    Cordula Tibi Weber participates as discussant of three presentations at the panel "Courts as either Saviours or Enemies – Legal Mobilization, Judicial Opportunity Structure and Policy Change" of the ECPR General Conference 2022 on Wednesday, 24 August.


    Court-Executive Relations under the Pandemic

    Cordula Tibi Weber and Mariana Llanos present their paper "Court-Executive Relations under the Pandemic" at the panel "Courts and the Separation of Powers" at the ECPR General Conference 2022 on Thursday, 25 August.


    Polarization and Opportunism: Using Network Analysis to Explore how the German Far-Right Utilizes Escalations of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Mirna El Masri and Thomas Richter present the paper at the panel "Conspiring Elites and Disgruntled Masses? Revisiting the Populist and Extremist Challenges to Democracy" at the ECPR 2022. This work presents results from the MOTRA project and is co-written with colleagues from LMU.


    The Impact of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Intergroup Attitudes in Germany: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

    Thomas Richter presents a co-authored paper in the panel "The International Dimension of Radicalization and Extremism" at the ECPR 2022. This work puts forward results from the MOTRA project and is co-written with colleagues from the University of Hamburg and WZB.


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