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Securing the Seas, Securing the State: The Inside/Outside of ‘Indo-Pacific’ Geopolitics

Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus | 2021

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    Dr. Christian Wirth

    Formerly Research Fellow

    GIGA Focus Asia | 2/2021

    "Micronexit" Overshadows Golden Anniversary of the Pacific Islands Forum

    The Pacific Islands Forum is facing its biggest crisis since its founding 50 years ago. Nearly one-third of its members are to leave the organization in 2022 because their candidate for secretary general was not elected in early 2021. Reforms may help to avert the "Micronexit", but challenges still abound for the Pacific’s premier regional body.

    Prof. Dr. Patrick Köllner

    Director of the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies / Vice President

    Contemporary Security Policy | 2022

    Filling the Void: The Asia-Pacific Problem of Order and Emerging Indo-Pacific Regional Multilateralism

    Policy makers have converged on the need to safeguard the “rules-based order” across the newly coined “Indo-Pacific” region. However, it is not clear, what exactly is to be preserved, and why the contested terms have rapidly found their way into policy debates. An analysis.

    Dr. Christian Wirth

    Formerly Research Fellow

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Nicole Jenne

    Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

    Speaker | 21/01/2022

    Collective vs. Cooperative Security: Europe's Struggle to Navigate the Indo-Pacific Clash of 'Rules-based Orders'

    Sciences Po - Paris Institute of Political Studies Paris: 21/01/2022

    Presentation at the conference: The EU and the Indo-Pacific: what Strategy, with which Partners?

    Dr. Christian Wirth

    Formerly Research Fellow


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