Amrita Narlikar

Multilateralism, Liberal Values, and the Global South

Global Economy and Development | 2022

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    Essays on a 21st Century Multilateralism that Works for All


    Brahima S. Coulibaly

    Kemal Derviş


    Global Economy and Development


    The Brookings Institution



    GIGA Focus Global | 4/2022

    Ad Hoc Coalitions in a Changing Global Order

    Ad hoc coalitions are increasingly visible, highly specialised crisis-response tools that operate outside of established international organisations. What motivates countries to set up ad hoc coalitions, and are they only complementary? These and other questions inform this GIGA Focus.

    Prof. Dr. Malte Brosig

    Visiting Fellow

    Policy Paper | 09/2022

    German Feminist Foreign Policy: An Inside-Outside Perspective

    In this article, GIGA President Prof. Dr. Amrita Narlikar discusses German feminist foreign policy from an intersectional and inclusive perspective. This article is translated into Hindi.


    High Level Closed-Door Roundtable on India’s G20 Presidency: Opportunities for an Inclusive Agenda

    GIGA President Prof. Amrita Narlikar was invited to contribute to this closed-door discussion at Kubernein Initiative with other experts on foreign policy and gender to identify key opportunities and challenges for India, in setting the agenda for its upcoming G20 presidency including intersections for gender within the G20 framing.


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