Dastan Jasim

Doctoral Researcher

  • Short CV

    • Since 10/2020: Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies and member of the GIGA Doctoral Programme

    • Since 06/2017: Conflict Researcher for the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research on Kurdish conflicts in Iraq and Syria

    • 07 - 09/2019: Visiting Scholar at the Center for Gender and Development Studies (CGDS) at the American University of Iraq - Sulaimaniya

    • 10/2017 - 02/2019: Student assistant at GESIS - Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences, Mannheim

    • 08–09/2018: Internship at the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies

    • Education: M.A. in Political Science & Assyriology, Heidelberg University; B.A. in Social Sciences, University of Stuttgart

    Current Research

    • Kurdish Studies

    • Democratization & Decentralization

    • Political Sociology
    • Security policy in & around Kurdistan

    • Survey data harmonization

    Countries and Regions

    • Middle East


    • Civic Culture without a State: Conceptualizing Kurdish Civic Culture in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria between State-Control and Resistance

    Dastan Jasim

    Doctoral Researcher


    Contribution | 05/2022

    Germany and Turkey: A Fatal Friendship

    Dastan Jasim

    Doctoral Researcher

    The Commentaries | 02/2022

    Kurdish Allies and Kurdish Enemies: Turkey’s New War Against The PKK

    Kamal Chomani

    Dastan Jasim

    Doctoral Researcher

    GIGA Focus Middle East | 1/2021

    Biden’s Challenge: Kurdish Autonomy and Turkish Expansionism

    The United States wants to end “forever wars” in the Middle East and is relying on armed Kurdish forces to do so. While the military battle is subsiding, the question has arisen of how the new US administration will politically approach its Kurdish allies and deal with Turkey’s expansionism in the future.

    Dastan Jasim

    Doctoral Researcher

    Jungle World | Interview | 05/05/2022

    »Zerrieben zwischen geopolitischen Konflikten«

    taz | Mention | 04/05/2022

    Unbequeme Aufmerksamkeit

    Consultant | 10/05/2022

    USCIRF Hearing on Freedom of Religion or Belief in Syria

    United States Commission on International Religious Freedom Washington, D.C.: 10/05/2022

    Religious freedom in Syria remains threatened from numerous quarters. The regime of President Bashar al-Assad systematically discriminates against members of religious groups outside the President’s own Alawi branch of Islam, destroys religious minorities’ houses of worship during clashes with opposition groups, and actively strips both religious minorities and the Sunni Muslim majority of their autonomy and religious authority. Armed opposition forces and militant Islamist groups target vulnerable religious and ethnic minorities in their attempts to wrest power from the Assad regime and one another. The al-Qaeda offshoot Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) continues to brutalize and displace religious minority communities in the northwestern region of Idlib, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has increased its presence in eastern Syria, waging almost daily attacks and destabilizing the region for religious minorities. Turkish-supported Syrian armed opposition groups leverage their Turkish financing and military support to wage campaigns of religious and ethnic cleansing in Afrin.

    In contrast, there are promising environments for religious freedom and intrareligious cooperation in Syria, including areas in the north and east governed by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES).

    What is the status of religious freedom in each of Syria’s regions and under each of these political authorities? How can U.S. government policy support Syrian-led efforts to create a political solution for the country that encompasses and actively advances religious freedom? Witnesses will document religious freedom conditions throughout the country and make recommendations for U.S. policy in relation to religious freedom in Syria.

    Dastan Jasim

    Doctoral Researcher

    Consultant | 10/03/2022

    Webinar: Urban Governance, Social Inclusion and Fragility in the MENA region


    The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is defined by its urbanizing, and highly concentrated populations. Yet, rising inequality and exclusion within cities can derail development progress, and MENA is no exception. Fast growing and diverse urban populations face limited infrastructure, poor service delivery and high population densities – in addition to the pressures of economic crisis, fragility and violent conflict in some sub-regions. Against this backdrop, what lessons are being learnt in the region about how cities can be managed to function as spaces for social inclusion and platforms for effective urban service delivery and development? (This session is co-hosted by UNDP and DeLoG).

    Dastan Jasim

    Doctoral Researcher

    Speaker | 26/01/2022

    Has America Come Back? President Biden’s Foreign Policy towards the Global South

    GIGA Talk Online event: 26/01/2022 Organisers: German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

    Dastan Jasim

    Doctoral Researcher


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