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New Journal of Politics in Latin America 2/2022

The new issue of the Journal of Politics in Latin America analyses topics such as abortion rights in Argentina, private pension fund reforms in Peru, the provision of identification numbers to election candidates in Brazil, and more.

  • Journal of Politics in Latin America Vol. 14, No. 2 (2022)

    Research Articles

    • Cora Fernández Anderson: Legalising Abortion in Argentina: Social Movements and Multi-Party Coalitions Abstract | PDF

    • Leticia Muñiz Terra, Gabriela Rubilar: Social Inequalities in Argentina and Chile: A Comparative Analysis of Welfare Models, Labour Policies, and Occupational Trajectories from a Biographical Perspective Abstract | PDF

    • Eduardo Dargent Bocanegra: The Limits of Neoliberal Policy Feedback: Private Pension Fund Reforms in Peru (2014–2021) Abstract | PDF

    Research Note

    • Andrew Janusz, Cameron Sells: Race and Campaign Resources: Candidate Identification Numbers in Brazil Abstract | PDF

    • Guilherme A. Russo, George Avelino, Fernando H. E. Guarnieri: Democratic Principles and Performance: What do the Experts Think? Abstract | PDF


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