Dr. Kressen Thyen


  • Short CV

    • Since 2019: Associate at the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies

    • Since 03/2018: Research Fellow at the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies, University of Bremen

    • 07/2017 - 12/2018: Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies, IDCAR-Network

    Current Research

    • Political attitudes and behaviour in autocracies

    • Contentious politics in the Middle East and North Africa

    • Authoritarian regimes and international cooperation

    • Empirical research methods

    Countries and Regions

    • Maghreb

    • Morocco

    • Egypt

    Dr. Kressen Thyen



    Democratization | 01/2018

    Legitimacy and protest under authoritarianism: explaining student mobilization in Egypt and Morocco during the Arab uprisings

    Dr. Johannes Gerschewski

    Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft | 06/2017

    Promising Democracy, Legitimizing Autocracy? Perceptions of Regime Democraticness among University Students in Morocco

    Research Project | 01/07/2014 - 30/06/2019

    International Diffusion and Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes - IDCAR-Network

    In politics and political science alike, the increasing international influence of authoritarian regimes has become a central concern around the globe. From 2014-2019, the IDCAR network brought together some of the most renowned scholars in the field to produce high-level research and, based on this, policy advice and public outreach.
    Leibniz Association, 2014-2019

    Teaching | University of Tübingen | 2016

    Techniques of Scientific Work in Political Science

    University of Tübingen Tübingen Germany

    Teaching | University of Tübingen | 2013

    Civil society in democracy, autocracy and transformation processes

    University of Tübingen Tübingen Germany


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