Research Team 3

Interventions and Security

The Interventions and Security Research Team analyses the different forms of diplomatic, economic, and military intervention by external actors (international and regional organisations, states, non-state actors) in conflicts. It asks under what conditions these actors choose to intervene in certain conflicts but not in others; why they choose specific instruments for intervention; and what the consequences of intervention are for conflict resolution, for regional and international security, and for domestic politics in the targeted regimes.

To address these questions, the research team adopts a cross-regional comparative perspective and combines qualitative and quantitative methods. Its approach is multilevel since it focuses on different kinds of external actors and the impact of their respective interventions at the international, regional, national, and local levels. With its focus on both peace-promoting and potentially conflict-escalating policies, the research team works at the intersection of peace and conflict studies and security studies.

The team’s current and prospective research projects focus on the effects of international sanctions, on regional crisis management initiatives, on the role of the UN Security Council in international peace efforts, and on mediation as a tool of conflict resolution.

Current Research Projects

Completed Research Projects