Research Data Policy of the GIGA

Principles for the Handling of Research Data at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA)


The GIGA stands for a truly global approach to scholarship and for independent scientific investigation that is committed to universally accepted standards of good scientific practice and research integrity. The Institute consistently follows an open-access policy and promotes the best possible access to and dissemination of its research results. The GIGA considers research data an important result of its research. The management of research data, from proposal planning to data collection and processing to data provision and preservation, must therefore meet recognised standards and fulfil legal and ethical requirements.

Basic Principles

GIGA researchers combine their regional expertise and field research with theoretical foundations from Political Science, Economics, Sociology and other disciplines. Depending on the type of research discipline, research data are processed using different types of media, degrees of aggregation, and formats. The diversity of research data corresponds to the diversity of research disciplines, cognitive interests, and research techniques.

Research data include quantitative data such as survey data and measurement data, as well as qualitative data such as interview recordings and transcripts, field notes, audio-visual information, and texts generated and analysed during scientific work. Moreover, geo-referenced data, questionnaires, software, and the results of experiments and simulations can be subsumed under research data.

Research data are generated by researchers as primary data through their work, or already available research data is reused.

The management of research data encompasses the handling of data throughout the entire research process, from data generation planning, data use, and data processing within the research project to the publication and archiving of data and, if necessary, deletion. Such management ensures the accessibility, reuse, reproducibility, and quality control of all research data that are the basis of scientific analysis and research findings.

The GIGA commits itself to creating the conditions necessary for the fulfilment of the principles set out in this Policy.

As of: December 2017.


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