Readme for electronic journals at GIGA Information Centre

EZB Readme

The GIGA Information Centre (IZ) acquires licenses for the access of online-journals, national-licenses and Allianz-licences.

Access to journals, marked yellow is usually granted without any further action if accessed from the GIGA network (IP-address of the computer) or by after login with a combination of username and password.

Access with login-data

GIGA staff get the login-data from the IZ Webpage in the GIGA Wiki or contact Nadia Javanshir (, phone: -519).

Library visitors please ask the library team for advice.

Access by ip-address of the computer

By cklicking on a journal-title which is subscribed by the GIGA IZ you get directly to the publishers website where access will be granted automatically if you are using a computer within the GIGA network.

If you have any questions or access problems please contact Nadia Javanshir (, phone: -519).

EZB-Help pages

For further Information regarding the use of the EZB also look at the EZB help-pages.


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