• The GIGA IZ publishes short bibliographies on current issues and countries:

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    • on GIGA Forum events

    • in the journal "World Comparative Law WCL" (in German, "Verfassung und Recht in Übersee").

    The bibliographies contain 30 to 100 titles from the database of the German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies (FIV) and consist mainly of journal articles, books, and online literature. The FIV is a confederation of 10 independent German research institutes.

    All titles of the selected bibliographies are provided with keywords and often with abstracts. Each title’s location in German libraries or Internet address is specified.

    From 2023, this service will be provisionally discontinued.

    Online Bibliographies dok-line

    In the dok-line series, the GIGA regional libraries publish online bibliographies quarterly on current issues and countries. For bibliographies up to 2012, please use the Berlin State Library’s online code directory to check the library code.


    2022/2 Africa and China: Update 2021-2022 (PDF)2022/1 Breaking the Glass Ceiling - Women in Leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa (PDF)2021/2 COVID-19 in Africa: Effects on Politics, Economy and Society (PDF)2021/1 The Africa policy of the United States: from Barack Obama to Joe Biden (PDF)2020/3 Africa and China: Update 2019-2020 (PDF)2020/2 Public Health in Africa (PDF)2020/1 Press freedom in Africa under pressure (PDF)2019/3 Mobile Phones in Africa (PDF)2019/2 Civil War in South Sudan - a never-ending story? (PDF)2019/1 Tourism in Africa (PDF)2018/3 Africa and China: Update 2016-2018 (PDF)2018/2 Pentecostalism in Africa (PDF)2018/1 The Ebola Crisis in West Africa (PDF)2017/2 The Impacts of Climate Change in Africa (PDF)2017/1 Eritrea: Risking Great Peril to Flee Repression (PDF)2016/3 The genocide of the Herero and Nama people in German Southwest Africa 1904-1908 (PDF)2016/2 The new middle class in Africa (PDF)2016/1 A difficult relationship: Africa and the International Criminal Court (PDF)2015/3 Africa and China: Update 2013-2015 (PDF)2015/2 Somaliland in search for international recognition (PDF)2015/1 Zimbabwe: Mugabe with no end in sight? (PDF)2014/3 In search for a strategy against Boko Haram (PDF)2014/2 Homosexuality in Africa (PDF)2014/1 Crisis in the Central African Republic: causes, background and actors of the conflict (PDF)2013/3 Africa ante portas – migration from Africa to Europe (PDF)2013/2 Transitional justice in Africa (PDF)2013/1 ECOWAS and the solution of violent conflicts in West Africa (PDF)2012/4 Africa and China: update 2009-20122012/3 Between tradition and renewal – youth culture in Africa (PDF)2012/2 Religious violence in Nigeria (PDF)2012/1 Tuareg – a nation struggling for self-determination (PDF)2011/4 South Sudan – a new state in Africa (PDF)2011/3 Resources and conflict in the Niger Delta (PDF)2011/2 Elections in Nigeria (PDF)2011/1 Microfinance in Africa: selected literature 2000-2010 (PDF)2010/4 Ghana - a success story? Recent literature 2005-2010 (PDF)2010/3 Renewable energies in sub-Saharan Africa (PDF)2010/2 Football in Africa (PDF)2010/1 Climate change in Africa (PDF)2009/3 Power-sharing in Africa (PDF)2009/2 Trade unions in Africa (PDF)2009/1 Africa and China: relations in the era of globalisation (PDF)2008/3 Women in Peacebuilding in Africa (PDF)2008/2 Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela (PDF)2008/1 Politisierung von Ethnizität in Kenia Politicized Ethnicity in Kenya (PDF)2007/1 Zimbabwe in crisis: recent literature 2005-2007 (PDF)2006/2 DR Congo: recent literature 2004-2006 (PDF)2006/1 Resources and armed conflict in Africa (PDF)2005/3 Special edition: Xenophobia in Africa (PDF)2005/3 NGOs in Africa (PDF)2005/2 Nationalism and ethnicity in Africa south of the Sahara (PDF)2005/1 Islamization in Nigeria (PDF)2004/2 Sonderausgabe: Südafrikanische Republik (PDF)2004/4 Oil in Africa (PDF)2004/3 German colonialism in Africa (PDF)2004/2 South Africa: 10 years after apartheid (PDF)2004/1 Rwanda: Ten years after the genocide (PDF)2003/1 Sonderausgabe: Politische Parteien in Afrika (PDF)2003/4 Tourism in Africa (PDF)2003/3 Focus DR Congo: War and war economy in Central Africa (PDF)2003/2 New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) (PDF)2003/1 Child soldiers in Africa (PDF)2002/4 Wars and armed conflict in West Africa (PDF)2002/3 Sustainable development in Africa: 10 years after Rio (PDF)2002/2 Somalia: Politics, culture and society (PDF)2002/1 Water resources and water management in Africa south of the Sahara (PDF)2001/4 Islam in Africa south of the Sahara. Recent trends (PDF)2001/3 African Renaissance (PDF)2001/2 Small arms in Afrika (PDF)2001/1 Land politics in southern Africa (PDF)2000/3 Lusophone African countries: recent political and socioeconomic trends (PDF)2000/2 AIDS in Africa (PDF)2000/1 Zimbabwe: Sociopolitical development and land disputes (PDF)


    2022/2 Russia's War Against Ukraine – Asia’s Reactions and Positions and Impacts on Asia, 2014–2022 (PDF)2022/1 Myanmar since 2015 – from democratization back to military rule (PDF)2021/5 20 months into the pandemic: Corona in Asia 2 (PDF)2021/4 Hong Kong – turbulent times (PDF)2021/3 China's Belt and Road Initiative in Asia (PDF)2021/2 The living situation of the elderly in East and Southeast Asia2021/1 Rising Rivalry - China-US Relations in the Trump Era (PDF)2020/3 Corona in Asia - Effects on Politics, Economy and Society (PDF)2020/2 Timor-Leste – post-conflict phase, political developments, nation building (PDF)2020/1 Ethnic persecution and refugee crisis in South and Southeast Asia: The Rohingya (PDF)2019/3 Manipulation, censorship, mobilization – Social media in Asia (PDF)2019/2 Indonesia votes (PDF)2019/1 Threat of war in Kashmir – The conflict between India and Pakistan (PDF)2018/4 India after four years of Modi – between foreign policy reorientation and internal divisions (PDF)2018/3 Xi Jinping – Mao 2.0? (PDF)2018/2 LGBT in Asia – Identity, legal status, everyday life (PDF)2018/1 Civic space in Asia (PDF)2017/3 Climate change in Oceania and the Pacific region– Challenges, impact, responses (PDF)2017/2 Growing nationalism in East Asia (PDF)2017/1 Rodrigo Duterte – rise, electoral victory, government policy (PDF)2016/4 Religion and conflicts in South(east) Asia: Insights from Bangladesh, India and Myanmar (PDF)2016/3 ASEAN - institutionalisation, community building and regional integration: recent development (PDF)2016/2 The EU and its relations with China and India (PDF)2016/1 One Belt, One Road: China's new Silk Road initiative (PDF)2015/3 Japan and South Korea – The troubled past and today’s relationship (PDF)2015/2 A much courted region Central Asia, the Great Powers, and its regional neighbors (PDF)2015/1 Political participation in Hong Kong (PDF)2014/4 Hallyu, anime, mangas & co: Popular culture in East Asia – soft power and transnational reception (PDF)2014/3 Coming to terms with the past in Cambodia (PDF)2014/2 Burma since the 2010 elections: democratization, reforms, conflicts (PDF)2014/1 Protection of human rights and human rights violations in Southeast Asia (PDF)2013/4 Australia’s foreign policy towards Asia and Oceania (PDF)2013/3 Gender and violence against women in India (PDF)2013/2 Special Issue: Knowledge society in the Asia Pacific (PDF)2013/2 North Korea’s nuclear weapons programmes and regional security – recent developments (PDF)2013/1 North Korea – Political system, ideology and the Kim family (PDF)2012/2 Japan and the People’s Republic of China: Potential for conflict in the East China Sea (PDF)2012/1 Sri Lanka after the civil war: peacebuilding and post-conflict phase (PDF)2011/4 The aftermath of the March 11, 2011 natural and nuclear disaster in Japan (PDF)2011/3 Demographic Changes in Asia (PDF)2011/2 Social policy in South Asia (PDF)2011/1 Re-islamisation, political Islam and islamist militancy in Indonesia and Malaysia (PDF)2010/2 Relations between North and South Korea since the 2nd Inter-Korean Summit, 2007 (PDF)2010/1 South Asia: challenges and perspectives (PDF)2008/4 Von Thaksin bis Samak: Thailand im Strudel des Machtkampfes zwischen Regierung und Opposition (PDF)2008/3 China and India: between competition and cooperation (PDF)2008/2 Ethnic minorities in China (PDF)2008/1 Myanmar/Burma: the junta against the people (PDF)2007/2 North Koreas nuclear weapons program and the Six Party Talks (PDF)2007/1 North Korea: Foreign and security policy (PDF)2006/4 China and the Korean peninsula (PDF)2006/3 E-Commerce in Asien (PDF)2006/2 International economic relations of the PR of China (PDF)2006/1 China: rising power in the global economy (PDF)2005/4 Education in Japan (PDF)2005/3 The political system of South Korea (PDF)2005/1-2 The Tsunami, 2004-12-26: consequences and responses (PDF)2004/4 Socio-economic dimensions of the new dynamics of Asian economies (PDF)2004/3 AIDS and Asia (PDF)2004/1 Atomic Bomb Test Consequences in the South Pacific (PDF)2003/3 Political Developments of the Philippines since Marcos (PDF)2003/2 The Gujarat riots and its consequences (PDF)2003/1 Special Issue: Australia and New Zealand (PDF)2003/1 North-Korea in regional and global security structures (PDF)2002/4 The political system of Nepal (PDF)2002/3 Tiger trouble. Sri Lanka’s civil war (PDF)2002/2 Rogue state in East Asia: North Korea (PDF)2002/1 The Kashmir conflict (PDF)2001/4 Islam in Asien (PDF)2001/3 Indonesia‘s presidential crisis and the Wahid government (PDF)2001/1 Politisches System und Korruption auf den Philippinen (PDF)2000/3 Kim Jong-Il and the political system of North Korea (PDF)2000/2 PR of China: religious freedom, human rights and Falungong (PDF)2000/1 Islamic separatism in the Philippines (PDF)


    2021/1 Global Challenge COVID-19: The Pandemic at the Heart of Social Science Research (PDF)2020/2 Women's rights are human rights! (2011-2020/21) (PDF)2020/1 Women’s rights are human rights! (2000-2010) (PDF)2019/3 Climate Refugees (PDF)2019/2 Waste – A global problem (PDF)2019/1 Populism and democracy (PDF)2018/3 ICTs as an opportunity for developing countries? (PDF)2018/2 Ocean Governance (PDF)2018/1 Microfinancing as a means to poverty alleviation (PDF)2017/2 Renewable energies in developing countries (PDF)2017/1 Fragile states, failed states and how to cope with them (PDF)2016/3 International Non-Governmental Organisations in Global Politics (PDF)2016/2 Transboundary Waters: Conflict and Cooperation (PDF)2016/1 New Middle Classes in Developing Countries and their Implications (PDF)2015/3 Responsibility to Protect – The development of an international norm since the Libyan crisis in 2011 (PDF)2015/2 Global Health Governance: Health as a global policy area (PDF)2015/1 Newly industrialising countries, BRICS and the reconfiguration of the international order (PDF)2014/4 Security sector reforms in post-conflict societies (PDF)2014/3 International climate policy through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Development – achievements – challenges (PDF)2014/2 Experts and politics: the IPCC as an example of policy advice (PDF)2014/1 The contribution of remittances to development (PDF)2013/4 Religion and Development (PDF)2013/3 Millennium Development Goals: Review and Perspectives (PDF)2013/2 Juridification in international politics (PDF)2013/1 Private military companies on the rise (PDF)2012/2 Social integration of youth in developing societies (PDF)2012/1 Land Grabbing – Chances and risks of direct investments in agriculture of developing countries (PDF)2011/3 Climate change in developing countries (PDF)2011/2 Transnational networks (PDF)2011/1 Regional Powers (PDF)2010/2 Before the MDG Summit 2010: The Millennium Development Goals - Mid-term Reviews and Prospects (PDF)2010/1 Sustainable energy policy in developing and emerging countries (PDF)2009/1 Hunger and food insecurity: recent studies and reports (PDF)2006/1 Development cooperation in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Near and Middle East (2004-2006) (PDF)2004/4 Europäische Außen- und Entwicklungsbeziehungen (PDF)2004/3 Prekäre Staatlichkeit in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)2004/2 Militante Konflikte und Bürgerkriege in der Dritten Welt (PDF)2004/1 Die Rolle der WTO in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)2003/4 Entwicklungszusammenarbeit in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)2002/4 Europa und die Dritte Welt (PDF)2002/3 Gesundheitswesen in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)2002/2 Regionalisation and Regionalism in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Near and Middle East (PDF)2002/1 Die Terroranschläge des 11. September 2001 und ihre Folgen (PDF)2001/4 Medien, Migration, Fremdbild, Kulturkontakt. Entwicklungsländer und der Westen (PDF)2001/3 Land- und Forstwirtschaft und nachhaltige Entwicklung in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)2001/2 Die Bedeutung der WTO für die Staaten in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)2001/1 Parteien und Politische Willensbildung in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)2000/3 Internet und E-Commerce in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)2000/2 Süd-Süd-Beziehungen in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)2000/1 Internationale Sozialpolitik nach Kopenhagen in Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Vorderen Orient (PDF)

    Latin America

    2022/1 Latin America: Democracy at Risk (PDF)2021/1 Pandemic - COVID-19 in Latin America (PDF)2020/2 Protests in Latin America: a continent in turmoil (PDF)2020/1 Public Health in Latin America and the Caribbean region (PDF)2018/3 Rise of authoritarianism and militarisation in Latin America (PDF)2018/2 Return Migration from the USA to Mexico: Reasons, Challenges and Impacts on Mexico (PDF)2018/1 The political and social unrest in Venezuela since 2014 (PDF)2017/1 Conflicts concerning the livelihoods of indigenous peoples in Latin America (PDF)2016/3 Brazil in crisis – Perspectives of a divided nation (PDF)2016/2 China in Latin America (PDF)2016/1 Caribbean Dreams Caribbean Realities (PDF)2015/3 Civil Society in Latin America between economic development and ecological conflicts (PDF)2015/2 The bumpy road to national reconciliation: the peace process in Colombia since the election of Manuel Santos 2010 (PDF)2015/1 Quo vadis, Cuba? Old question new answers (PDF)2014/3 NAFTA at 20 - economic, political and social experiences in Mexico (PDF)2014/2 Intracontinental migration in Latin America (PDF) 2014/1 Brazil: New Ways to Social Security (Bolsa Família ...) (PDF)2013/2 Transitional Justice in Latin America (PDF)2013/1 Escalating violence in Mexico (PDF)2012/2 How women change politics and society in Latin America (PDF)2012/1 Internal security and violence in Latin America – update 2012 (PDF)2011/4 Brazil: Regional Power and Global Player (PDF)2011/3 Verfassungsreformen in Bolivien und Ecuador (PDF)2011/2 Youth violence in Latin America Focus: Gang-related crime in Central America (PDF)2011/1 Latin America and the European Union – Interregionalism or bilateral strategic partnerships? (PDF)2010/2 Female presidents in Latin America and their politics (PDF)2010/1 Climate change and climate policy in Latin America (PDF)2009/3 The Lula government: Brazil‘s development in recent years (PDF)2009/2 The Mexican debacle (PDF)2009/1 The Colombian guerilla war (PDF)2008/2 New developments in the Andean region (PDF)2008/1 Internal security and violence in Latin America (PDF)2007/1 Electoral systems in Latin America (PDF)2006/2 Oil and natural gas: resource politics in Latin America (PDF)2006/1 Special Issue: The coca/cocaine economy and drug policy in Bolivia: Special bibliography with an introduction (PDF)2005/1-2 Non-conventional literature from Brazil: Health policy in Brazil (PDF)2004/4 Health services and aspects of social security in Latin America (PDF)2004/3 Environmental politics in Latin America (PDF)2004/2 Security policy in Latin America (PDF)2004/1 Bolivia: social conflicts and their political and socioeconomic background (PDF)2003/4 Chile: 30 years after the coup d‘etat (PDF)2003/3 Integration processes in Latin America (PDF)2003/2 Hugo Chavez and the political system of Venezuela (PDF)2003/1 Change of government in Brazil (PDF)2002/4 The nation-state in the era of globalization (PDF)2002/3 Social integration of the Andean indians (PDF)2002/2 Migration in Latin America (PDF)2002/1 Argentina in crises (PDF)2001/4 Changing living conditions of women in Latin America (PDF)2001/3 Socioeconomic effects of globalization and deregulation in Chile and Argentina (PDF)2001/2 Urban development in Latin America (PDF)2001/1 Political systems in Latin America (PDF)2000/3 Cultural identities (PDF)2000/2 Democratization in Latin Amerika (PDF)2000/1 Currency politics in Latin American countries (PDF)

    Middle East

    2022/1 Afghanistan after the Renewed Seizure of Power by the Taliban (PDF)2021/1 One Belt, One Road in the Middle East and Central Asia (PDF)2020/3 Behind bars in the Middle East and North Africa (PDF)2020/2 The police in the MENA countries (PDF)2020/1 Public Health in the Middle East and North Africa (PDF)2019/3 How authoritarian is Morocco? (PDF)2019/2 In the Year Five of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi – Stability versus Human Rights (PDF)2019/1 International Labour Migration in the Gulf States (PDF)2018/3 Decisive Storm – the Military Intervention in Yemen (PDF)2018/2 Refugees and migration in the MENA region (PDF)2018/1 Saudi Arabia's Foreign Policy (PDF)2017/2 Sexual minorities in the Middle East and North Africa (PDF)2017/1 Syrische Flüchtlinge in Jordanien und im Libanon (PDF)2016/3 The arduous road to equitable quality education in the MENA region (PDF)2016/2 From Tunisia to Iran: Press Freedom in the MENA Region (PDF)2016/1 Between discrimination and self-assertion: minorities in North Africa (PDF)2015/3 No improvement in sight? Corruption in MENA countries since the Arab Spring (PDF)2015/2 Saudi Arabia and Iran: Struggle for supremacy in the Middle East (PDF)2015/1 Poverty and poverty alleviation in Arab countries - An update (PDF)2014/3 Renewable energies in the Middle East (PDF)2014/2 Civil society in conflict with autocracy and Islam? The example of Algeria (PDF)2014/1 Betrayed and Sold - Human Trafficking in the Middle East (PDF)2013/3 The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (PDF)2013/2 Civil war in Syria (PDF)2013/1 Between Reform and Repression - Arab Monarchies in Spring (PDF)2012/2 Turkey as a regional power in the Middle East (PDF)2012/1 One year into the ‚Arab Spring‘: international, regional and national developments and tendencies (PDF)2011/3 Arab youth quo vadis? Conditions and perspectives for the younger generation (PDF)2011/2 Lebanon: The assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri and the aftermath (PDF)2011/1 Arab autocracies under pressure for democratisation (PDF)2010/3 Elections in Egypt: Power Maintenance, Legitimation and Political Participation (PDF)2010/2 Syrien: 10 Jahre unter Bashar al-Assad (PDF)2010/1 The Gaza War and its aftermath (PDF)2009/3 Near and Middle East elections 2009 (PDF)2009/2 40 years of Libyan revolution: recent aspects of domestic and foreign policies (PDF)2009/1 30 years Islamic revolution in Iran (PDF)2008/3 Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan (PDF)2008/3 Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan (PDF)2008/2 Political reforms in Turkey (PDF)2008/1 Die Beziehungen zwischen Israel und der EU (PDF)2007/2 Political crisis, conflicts, and violence in Pakistan (PDF)2007/1 The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Mediterranean Partnership (PDF)2006/3 Israel-Hizbollah War 2006 (PDF)2006/2 Irregular and transit migration in the Mediterranean (PDF)2006/1 Yemen: Politics and Society (PDF)2005/3 Nuclear policy of Iran (PDF)2005/2 Poverty and poverty alleviation in Arab countries (PDF)2005/1 Children in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Central Asian States (PDF)2004/4 Israeli settlement policy (PDF)2004/3 Children in the Arab countries (PDF)2004/2 Drugs in the Middle East and Central Asia (PDF)2004/1 Domestic developments in Iran and US-Iranian relations (PDF)2003/4 Education in the Arab Region (PDF)2003/3 Syria after Hafiz al-Asad (PDF)2003/2 Germany‘s Middle East policy (PDF)2003/1 Iraq on focus (PDF)2002/4 Post Taliban Afghanistan (PDF)2002/3 The economic impact of globalisation and September 11 on the Middle East/North Africa (PDF)2002/2 The Arab minority in Israel (PDF)2002/1 Al-Aqsa intifada (PDF)2001/4 Usama Ibn-Ladin and the transnational terrorism (PDF)2001/3 Afghanistan and the Taliban (PDF)2001/2 Sanctions against Iraq (PDF)2001/1 Women in Iran (PDF)2000/3 Yasir Arafat (PDF)2000/2 Jerusalem/al-Quds: the situation in Jerusalem and options on the Jerusalem question (PDF)2000/1 Israel-Turkey relations since 1990 (PDF)

    Bibliographies on GIGA Forum and GIGA Talk Events

    Here you can find the literature lists on the topics of our GIGA Forum and GIGA Talk events.


    2022/01 With the Help of God(s)? Religious Actors and Sustainable Development in Africa (PDF)2021/04 Confronting colonialism in Germany: Are we doing enough? (PDF)2020/10 Population Growth as a Threat to Security in Africa: Myth or Underestimated Risk Factor? (PDF)2019/05 In God's Name: Religion and Violence in Africa (PDF)2017/11 Direktinvestitionen in Afrika: Hebel für Entwicklung? (PDF)2016/09 The Limits of Civilian Crisis Prevention: Is Burundi Facing Civil War? (PDF)2016/01 Afrika - Hürden für die Industrialisierung (PDF)2014/1 Mosambik: das Ende des Friedens? (PDF)2013/11 China in Afrika: neue Süd-Süd-Kooperationen (PDF)2013/11 Konflikte und Konfliktbewältigung in Afrika (PDF)2013/07 Mali – Auswege aus der Staatskrise (PDF)2012/02 China in Afrika Der Einfluss chinesischer Händler auf die lokale Entwicklung in Ghana und Senegal (PDF)2011/06 Piracy off the coast of Somalia (PDF)2011/05 Machtkampf in der Elfenbeinküste: "Pokerspiel" oder angemessene internationale Reaktion? (PDF)2011/03 Nigeria vor den Wahlen Elections in Nigeria (PDF)2010/10 Befreiungsbewegungen an der Macht: Erfahrungen aus dem Südlichen Afrika (PDF)2010/04 Nigeria - Wächst die Instabilität? (PDF)2010/02 Südafrika - ausgewählte neue Literatur (PDF)2009/04 Das Ende des Regenbogens? Südafrika nach den Parlamentswahlen (PDF)2009/03 Quo vadis Afrika? Von den Schwierigkeiten eines Kontinents mit der Marktwirtschaft (PDF)2009/03 Friedenssicherung in Afrika - neue Herausforderungen (PDF)2008/10 Democratic attitudes in Africa: the new results of the Afrobarometer surveys (PDF)


    2023/1 Myanmar Two Years after the Coup: Return of the Past? (PDF)2022/12 Towards Closer Cooperation with South Korea in the Indo-Pacific (PDF)2022/10 Making China Great Again? (PDF)2021/11 Safeguarding the “Rules-based Order”? Europe Navigates the Shallow Waters of the Indo-Pacific (PDF)2019/09 Maritime Politics in the ‘Indo-Pacific’: What future for the rules-based order? (PDF)2019/05 India: The Vote Is In, What Comes Next? (PDF)2018/04 Chinas unaufhaltsamer Aufstieg: Wirtschaftliche und politische Entwicklungsperspektiven bis 2025 (PDF)2018/06 Terror against Muslims – Fleeing Myanmar (PDF)2017/11 Der Aufstieg des Populismus in Asien (PDF)2016/11 Chinas neues Selbstbewusstsein: Herausforderung für den Westen (PDF)2015/7 BIG Brazil, India, and Germany and the Future of Global Governance: Prospects for Trilateral Cooperation (PDF)2014/4 Wahlen in Indien – Sehnsucht nach dem Wandel (PDF)2014/10 Schwieriger Balanceakt: Die EU und China zwischen Partnerschaft und Rivalität (PDF)2014/1 Isolation or Opening? North Korea under Kim Jong-un (PDF)2013/11 Zwischen Konflikt und Kooperation: China und die EU (PDF)2013/09 Indien als Global Player (PDF)2013/05 Indonesien: Musterbeispiel einer islamischen Demokratie? (PDF)2013/02 China und Indien – Globaler Aufstieg ohne soziale Gerechtigkeit? (PDF)2011/12 Im Krisenjahr 2011: Die Beziehungen zwischen der EU und China auf dem Prüfstand (PDF)2011/10 Wie erfolgreich ist Indiens Demokratie? (PDF)2011/06 „Brüchiger Atomkonsens“ in Japan? Politische und gesellschaftliche Dimensionen (PDF)2011/04 Wie stabil sind Asiens Autokratien? - China, Nordkorea, Myanmar und Vietnam (PDF)2010/09 North Korea and inter-Korean relations at the crossroads (PDF)2010/05 EXPO 2010 in Shanghai – Aktuelle Herausforderungen für Chinas Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (PDF)2009/10 Indien - ein halbes Jahr nach den Wahlen: Wandel oder Kontinuität in Innenund Außenpolitik? (PDF)2009/06 Deutsch-Chinesische Wissenschafts- und Bildungskooperation – eine Einbahnstraße? (PDF)2009/05 Thailand’s Turbulent Politcs since the 2006 Coup (PDF)2009/04 Ist Japan noch von Bedeutung? (PDF)


    2022/11 The Global Politics of Status: India, Turkey, and Indonesia at the G20 Summit and Beyond (PDF)2022/09 Attacking the Vote: Election Fears in Brazil and Beyond (PDF)2022/01 Has America Come Back? President Biden’s Foreign Policy towards the Global South (PDF)2021/10 Final Chance for the 1.5 Degrees? Expectations for the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow (PDF)2021/10 Gender-Based Violence During COVID-19 (PDF)2021/09 Few Benefits, Huge Risks: Taking Stock of the Global Land Rush (PDF)2019/11 Making Things Worse? The Fight Against Violence and Crime (PDF)2019/06 Let's Share – Open-Access Simulation Games (PDF)2019/06 Climate Change and Migration (PDF)2019/05 The Strange State of the Liberal International Order (PDF)2018/12 Die UNO-Agenda 2030 für Nachhaltige Entwicklung: eine Zwischenbilanz für den Globalen Süden (PDF)2018/12 Forced Migration in Global Perspective (PDF)2018/12 Die UNO-Agenda 2030 für Nachhaltige Entwicklung: eine Zwischenbilanz für den Globalen Süden (PDF)2018/11 Wars for Land, Water, and Commodities The Conflict Potential of Natural Resources (PDF)2018/06 Actively Include Youth in Peace Processes! (PDF)2018/04 Regional Powers Revisited (PDF)2018/02 Civilizations in World Politics: Beyond East and West (PDF)2017/12 Envisioning Peace | Transforming Conflict (PDF)2016/11 After Obama U.S. foreign policy and regional perspectives (PDF)2016/12 Cooperation among BRICS/IBSA countries new literature (PDF)2015/04 IS, Boko Haram, al-Qaida - Are jihadist networks a threat to Europe? (PDF)2015/11 Klimaschutz – Nicht ohne die Entwicklungsländer (PDF)2015/11 Re-Measuring International Trade and Capital Movement (PDF)2015/11 Re-Measuring the Middle East: Current strategies of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey (PDF)wer finanziert entwicklung - neue entwicklungsbanken als konkurrenz zur traditionellen finanzarchitektur2015/10 Civil Society as the Nucleus of Democracy? Algeria, Mozambique and Vietnam (PDF)2014/11 The (Im-)possibility of Climate Protection in Developing Countries (PDF)2013/11 BRICS & Co.: Wirtschaftliche und politische Kooperation der regionalen Führungsmächte (PDF)2013/07 Erfolg und Misserfolg internationaler Sanktionen: Myanmar, Nordkorea und Zimbabwe (PDF)2013/01 Soziale Medien in politischen Umbruchprozessen in Asien, Lateinamerika und Nahost (PDF)2012/05 Land Grabbing – Chances and risks of direct investments in agriculture of developing countries (PDF)2011/10 Ende der dritten Welle der Demokratisierung – Roll back der Autokratien? (PDF)2011/10 Demokratie in Honduras: Defekt? Gescheitert? Wiederhergestellt? (PDF)2011/10 Warum hat es die Demokratie in Asien so schwer? (PDF)2011/10 Ägyptens Lotus-Revolution und Perspektiven für den Nahen und Mittleren Osten (PDF)2011/10 Afrika zwischen Staatszerfall und Verfassungspatriotismus – Schwarz-Weiß-Denken hilft nicht weiter (PDF)2011/10 Der arabische Frühling im Herbst – eine Zwischenbilanz (PDF)2010/09 Entwicklungstendenzen des Weltsystems (PDF)2010/03 Corporate Social Responsibility in Brazil, Russia, India, and China (PDF)2010/02 Mehr als Almosen – neue Ansätze der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (PDF)2009/12 Kurz vor Kopenhagen: Neue Impulse für den Klimaschutz? (PDF)2009/11 Obamas neue Welt - Globale Wirtschaft und Politik im Umbruch? (PDF)2009/11 Zivilisierung der Welt oder multipolares Gleichgewicht? Chancen des friedlichen Wandels (PDF)2009/06 Landwirtschaft für Tank oder Teller? Agrarkraftstoffe in Afrika und Lateinamerika (PDF)2009/05 Global Governance nach der globalen Krise: Neue Werte und neue Gleichgewichte in der internationalen Politik? (PDF)2009/01 Machtwandel: Zu den Großmachtbeziehungen im 21. Jahrhundert (PDF)2008/11 Zivil-militärische Beziehungen in Konfliktregionen: Verliert die Entwicklungspolitik ihre Unschuld? (PDF)2008/11 China und Lateinamerika: Wirtschaftliche Partner oder Rivalen? (PDF)2008/09 Die Einwanderungspolitik der EU (PDF)

    in the journal "World Comparative Law WCL"

    The journal "World Comparative Law WCL" ("Verfassung und Recht in Übersee") analyses legal and constitutional developments in all states or regions outside of Europe as well as their regional and international integration. The GIGA Information Centre compiles a bibliography of relevant publications about Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Near and Middle East for each issue.


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