Lena Giesbert / Tabea Lakemann / Martin Ostermeier / Sebastian Prediger / Tevin Tafese / Sarah Wiegel / Daniel Neff

MSE Survey Kampala 2012-2018

  • Description

    Panel dataset: annual surveys 2012-2018, between 430 (2012-2014) and 500 (2015-2018) micro and small entrepreneurs in Kampala were surveyed. Drop-outs were replaced each year to maintain the sample size. Core questions remain the same each year. Topics covered range from inputs, outputs, enterprise characteristics and performance measures to the entrepreneur's socio-economic background, household characteristics and assets, to entrepreneurs' behavioural attitudes. Intermediate waves were administered in 2013 and 2016, with an additional intermediate wave collected by DIW in 2018. Topics of intermediate waves are the use of a cash transfer and financial literacy (2013), marketing innovation (2016), and financial literacy, attitudes, and behaviour (2018). If you are interested in accessing the dataset, please write an email to tabea.lakemann@giga-hamburg.de.




    2012 - 2018

    Countries and Regions

    Africa South of Sahara, East Africa, Uganda

    Mode of data collection


    Dr. Lena Giesbert

    Formerly Associate


    Tabea Lakemann

    Doctoral Researcher / Research Team Spokesperson


    Sarah Wiegel

    Former Doctoral Researcher


    Dr. Daniel Neff

    Formerly Research Fellow



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