Hana Attia / Julia Grauvogel

International Sanctions Termination Dataset


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    The International Sanctions Termination (IST) dataset is composed of the entire universe of sanctions imposed by the EU, UN, US and regional organizations in the period from 1990 to 2018, including those that were already in place by 1990 and those still ongoing. The dataset covers 399 cases, its data structure is dyadic, and the core unit of analysis is a sanctions case. If several senders impose restrictions on the same target, the dataset contains a separate case for each sender to provide sender-specific information on variables such as sanctions costs, goals or outcomes. It contains information on the design of sanctions – including expiry dates, review provisions and termination requirements – and captures the gradual process of adapting and ending sanctions. The main sources of information for coding are (inter)governmental documents that stipulate the implementation, extension, adaptation and removal of sanctions. The IST dataset is currently being updated to include the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. When using the data, please cite: Attia, Hana and Julia Grauvogel. Forthcoming. International Sanctions Termination, 1990–2018: Introducing the IST Dataset. Journal of Peace Research. (2021-12-01)


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    External Shocks and the Termination of International Sanctions

    Journal of Peace Research | 08/2022

    International Sanctions Termination, 1990–2018: Introducing the IST Dataset

    We introduce the International Sanctions Termination (IST) dataset that captures all EU, UN, US and regional sanctions between 1990 – 2018. We describe the data collection process, discuss IST’s compatibility with existing datasets, introduce new variables that focus on the design of sanctions and explore how they affect their termination.


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