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GIGA Sanctions Dataset


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    The dataset is composed of the entire universe of sanctions regimes imposed by the UN, US and EU in the period from 1990 to 2010, including those sanctions regimes that were in place by 1990, targeting a country, its leadership and entities associated with it. Episodes which are still on-going are also recorded. Included are all sanctioned countries which have been coded – at least – at the start of sanction episodes as “autocratic regimes” by the Hadenius/Teorell/Wahman dataset on authoritarian regimes (2012).

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    1990 - 2010

    Geographical coverage

    Afghanistan / AF; Algeria / DZ; Azerbaijan / AZ; Belarus / BY; Bosnia and Herzegovina / BA; Burundi / BI; Cameroon / CM; Central African Republic / CF; China / CN; Colombia / CO; Comoros / KM; Côte dIvoire / CI; Croatia / HR; Cuba / CU; Congo, Democratic Republic of the / CD; Equatorial Guinea / GQ; Eritrea / ER; Ethiopia / ET; Fiji / FJ; Gambia / GM; Guatemala / GT; Guinea / GN; Guinea-Bissau / GW; Haiti / HT; Honduras / HN; Indonesia / ID; Iran, Islamic Republic of / IR; Iraq / IQ; Jordan / JO; Kenya / KE; Liberia / LR; Libyan Arab Jamahiriya / LY; Madagascar / MG; Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of / MK; Malawi / MW; Mauritania / MR; Myanmar / MM; Nicaragua / NI; Niger / NE; Nigeria / NG; Korea, Democratic People's Republic of / KP; Pakistan / PK; Peru / PE; Russian Federation / RU; Rwanda / RW; Somalia / SO; Sri Lanka / LK; Sudan / SD; Syrian Arab Republic / SY; Thailand / TH; Togo / TG; Turkey / TR; Uzbekistan / UZ; Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of / VE; Viet Nam / VN; Yemen / YE; Zambia / ZM; Zimbabwe / ZW; Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of / YUCS

    Mode of data collection


    Ass. Prof. Dr. Clara Portela

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Clara Portela

    European Union Institute For Security Studies


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