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Refereed Articles

Blofield, Merike / Touchton, Michael (2020), Moving Away from Maternalism? The Politics of Parental Leave Reforms in Latin America, in: Comparative Politics, online first
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Blofield, Merike / Ewig, Christina (2017), The Left Turn and Abortion Politics in Latin America, in: Social Politics , 24, 4, 481-510


Blofield, Merike (forthcoming), The Left Shift and Labor Rights for Marginalized Groups in Latin America: The Case of Paid Domestic Workers, in: Manuel Balán / Françoise Montambeault (eds.), What’s Left? The Promise and Reality of Inclusive Citizenship in Latin America, Notre Dame University Press
Blofield, Merike / Hoffmann, Bert / Llanos, Mariana (2020), Assessing the Political and Social Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis in Latin America, GIGA Focus Latin America, 03/2020, Hamburg: GIGA
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Blofield, Merike / Madalozzo, Regina (2017), Conciliando trabalho e família: Uma pesquisa para mensurar o hiato de gênero nas famílias de baixa renda em São Paulo, in: Estudos Feministas , 25, 1, 215-239


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