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Refereed Articles

Wirth, Christian (2020), Emotions, international hierarchy, and the problem of solipsism in Sino-US South China Sea politics , in: International Relations, 34, 1, 25-45
Wirth, Christian (2015), Power' and 'Stability' in the China-Japan-South Korea Regional Security Complex, in: The Pacific Review, 28, 4, 553-575
Wirth, Christian (2012), Ocean Governance, Maritime Security, and the Consequences of Modernity in Northeast Asia, in: The Pacific Review, 25, 2, 223-245
Wirth, Christian (2009), Japan, China and East Asian Regional Integration: The Views of 'Self' and 'Other' from Tokyo and Beijing, in: International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, 9, 3, 469-496


Wirth, Christian (2014), Hot Politics-Cold Economics and Cold Politics-Hot Economics: The Limits of Russian, Chinese and Japanese "High Politics" in View of East Asian Integration, in: Tsuneo Akaha / Anna Vassilieva (eds.), Russia and East Asia: Informal and Gradual Integration, New York: Routledge


Wirth, Christian (2019), Book Review: China’s Rise and Australia-Japan-US Relations: Primacy and Leadership in East Asia, in: Social Science Japan Journal, online first