M. P. Timmer / S. Pahl

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in: L. Alcorta / N. Foster-McGregor / A. Szirmai (eds.), New Perspectives on Structural Change: Causes and Consequences of Structural Change in the Global Economy, Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming

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Recent Publications by the Authors

Stefan Pahl / Marcel P. Timmer

Do Global Value Chains Enhance Economic Upgrading? A Long View

Journal of Development Studies, 56, 2020, 9, 1683-1705

S. Pahl / M. P. Timmer / R. Gouma / P. J. Woltjer

Jobs in Global Value Chains: New Evidence for Four African Countries in International Perspective

Policy Research Working Paper 8953, Washington, D.C.: The World Bank, 2019

Stefan Pahl / Marcel P. Timmer

Patterns of vertical specialisation in trade: long-run evidence for 91 countries

Review of World Economics, 155, 2019, 3, 459-486

X. Diao / P. Fang / Eduardo Magalhaes / S. Pahl / J. Silver

Cities and Rural Transformation: A Spatial Analysis of Rural Youth Livelihoods in Ghana

in: V. Mueller / J. Thurlow (eds.), Youth and Jobs in Rural Africa: Beyond Stylized Facts , Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019