Jorge P. Gordin

Paradoxes of Federalism?: Political Institutions and Fiscal Decentralization in Argentina and Spain

Revista of Federal and Autonomic Studies, 11, 2010, 142-168

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Jorge P. Gordin

Patronage-Preserving Federalism? Legislative Malapportionment and Subnational Fiscal Policies

in: Jan Erk / Wilfried Swenden (eds.), New Directions in Federalism Studies, London: Routledge, 2010, 68-82

Jorge P. Gordin

The Politics of Fiscal Decentralization, Revisited: A Typology and Comparative Evidence

Revue Fédéralisme-Régionalisme, 9, 2009, 2

Jorge P. Gordin

Regionalizing Patronage? Federal Resource allocation and Party Politics in Spain

Regional and Federal Studies, 2009, 399-413

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Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, "Argentine Style"

Journal of Public Policy, 26, 2006, 3, 255-277