J. M. Diaz-Pulido / E. del Pino / P. Palop

Is it important the Territory? Citizen Satisfaction and Public Policy at the Autonomous Communities

Zoom Político, Laboratorio de ideas (03), 2011

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Pau Palop García

Research Fellow / Doctoral Student

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Pau Palop Garcia / Luicy Pedroza

How do we move migration policy datasets and indices further? A proposal to address persisting lacunae and major research imperatives

Newletter of the American Political Science Association's Organized Section on Migration and Citizenship, 7, 2019, 1, 37-52

Luicy Pedroza / Pau Palop / Bert Hoffmann

Políticas hacia Emigrantes en América Latina y el Caribe

Santiago de Chile: FLASCO Chile, 2018