Maren Koß

The Malaysian-Palestinian Relationship and Transnational Networks: Civil Society Activism, Politics, and Co-Constitution of Interests

Middle East Insights Series, National University of Singapore , 2019

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Michael Young

Comrades in Arms - Interview with Maren Koß

Carnegie Middle East Center, Diwan, 2018

Maren Koß

Flexible Resistance: How Hezbollah and Hamas Are Mending Ties

Carnegie Middle East Center, 2018

Maren Koß

Ziolkowski, Britt: Die Aktivistinnen der Ḥamās. Zur Rolle der Frauen in einer islamistischen Bewegung (Book Review)

Anthropos : Internationale Zeitschrift für Völker- und Sprachenkunde, 113, 2018, 1, 354-355