Transparency, Dynamics and Impacts of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions (LSLA): Global and Local Evidence

2013 - 2014
Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)
Cooperation partners

Land Matrix Partnership



Research Questions

  • What is the global scale of large-scale land acquisitions?
  • What determines large-scale land acquisitions?
  • What are the impacts of large-scale land acquisitions?

Contribution to International Research
The research conducted within this project will directly feed into the Land Matrix database. It will improve the data quality and availability of this internationally acclaimed database on land acquisitions.

Research Design and Methods
The project focuses on the impacts of LSLAs, with both a qualitative and a quantitative component. Certain impact dimensions – for example, investment-related benefits and compensations – will be examined on a case-study basis using qualitative approaches. The proposed studies will build on earlier fieldwork. Other impact dimensions – for example, employment and productivity – can be better analysed using quantitative techniques. For these analyses, we will select case study countries. The selection will be informed by the Land Matrix database and will depend on the availability of spatial information on land deals in combination with socio-economic baseline data. Methodologically, we will rely on standard impact evaluation techniques – in particular, differences-in-differences estimates on a small geographical scale (community, village).

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