Impact Evaluation of Out-grower Schemes in Ghana

Apl. Prof. Dr. Jann Lay
2016 - 2021
Common Fund for Commodities
Cooperation partners

Dr. Stefan Silvestrini, CEval, Germany

Dr. Susanne Väth, CEVal, Germany



Research Questions

The overall objective of the impact evaluation is to measure and evaluate the investment of the Agricultural Trade and Investment Fund (AATIF) in two of WIENCO’s out-grower schemes in Ghana. In particular, two out-grower arrangements, the Cocoa Abrabopa Association for cocoa farmers and the Masara N’Arziki for maize farmers, are under investigation. The main interest lies in identifying the causal link between participating in WIENCO’s out-grower arrangements and the following outcomes and their development over time: Productivity Levels, employment opportunities, farm and overall household income, living and working conditions, risk exposure regarding total household income; and farm-households’ risk coping strategies and mechanisms.

Contribution to International Research

The project will provide evidence on the extent to which contract farming schemes can help improve rural livelihoods of smallholder farmers and their families and communities.

Research Design and Methods

The 5-year evaluation will be conducted by a consortium of the Center for Evaluation (CEval) and the GIGA, together with Ghanaian partners. A mixed-method approach will be embedded in a profound contextual analysis. The evaluation will combine a quantitative analysis of household and village surveys with qualitative insight into WIENCO's impacts derived from focus group discussions (FGDs) and expert interviews. The reports will provide the counterpart with robust evaluation results while also presenting practical recommendations to improve WIENCO's activities.

Preliminary Results

Baseline data have been collected in 2016 and 2017 and the corresponding two reports have been submitted to the Common Fund for Commodities. Together with AATIF, the Fund will decide on whether the reports will be published.

Research Team

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