Sarah Wiegel (geb. Linde) / Martin Ostermeier / Lena Giesbert / Sebastian Prediger / Tabea Lakemann

MSE Survey Kampala 2012-2018

Year of Publication/Completion
Type of Data
Time Period
2012 to 2018
Regions / Countries
Africa South of Sahara, East Africa, Uganda
Beta Version


GIGA Authors

Sarah Wiegel (née Linde)

Research Fellow / Doctoral Student

Martin Ostermeier

Research Fellow / Doctoral Student

Tabea Lakemann

Research Fellow / Doctoral Student


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Environment and Development Economics, 24, 2019, 2, 180-200

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Tabea Lakemann

Book Review: Sy, Amadou (2018), Africa through an Economic Lens

Africa Spectrum, 53, 2018, 2, 139-141