A Changing Southeast Asia

From state-building to the internationalization of Chinese enterprises: the new issue of the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs covers tradition, change and the role of the economy in Southeast Asia.

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, Vol 33, No 2 (2014)

Research Articles

  • Selver B. Sahin: Timor-Leste’s Foreign Policy: Securing State Identity in the Post-Independence Period
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  • Matthew O’Lemmon: Merit-Making Activities and the Latent Ideal of the Buddhist Wat in Southwestern Cambodia
    Abstract/ PDF
  • Guanie Lim: The Internationalisation of Mainland Chinese Firms into Malaysia: From Obligated Embeddedness to Active Embeddedness
    Abstract/ PDF
  • Renaud Egreteau: Legislators in Myanmar’s First “Post-Junta” National Parliament (2010–2015): A Sociological Analysis
    Abstract/ PDF

Review Article

  • Iqra Anugrah: Social Movements in Southeast Asia and Latin America
    Abstract/ PDF

Book Review

  • Manassinee Moottatarn: Book Review: Siroj Sorajjakool: Human Trafficking in Thailand: Current Issues, Trends and the Role of the Thai Government
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Other News

Book |

Comparative Area Studies (CAS), the GIGA’s flagship methodological approach, keeps going strong: APSA newsletter devotes symposium to CAS and a new edited volume is under preparation.

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Uganda had one of the strictest lockdowns in East Africa, including closing all but essential businesses, dusk-to-dawn curfews, and bans on both private and public transport vehicles. We take a look at how these measures affected people and businesses in the informal economy.

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