The Syrian Wildfire

Despite the civil war in Syria, Bashar al-Assad will ensure his re-election as president on June 3. André Bank and Stephan Rosiny have tracked the developments in the country through their research – and analysed the background of the conflict. A dossier

Stephan Rosiny and André Bank are renowned Syria experts and devote their time at the GIGA to studying power relations in the Middle East. Both travel regularly to the region.


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Comparative Area Studies (CAS), the GIGA’s flagship methodological approach, keeps going strong: APSA newsletter devotes symposium to CAS and a new edited volume is under preparation.

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Uganda had one of the strictest lockdowns in East Africa, including closing all but essential businesses, dusk-to-dawn curfews, and bans on both private and public transport vehicles. We take a look at how these measures affected people and businesses in the informal economy.

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Review of a successful year 2019