Political systems in Latin America

Designing cabinets, influencing senatorial voting and forming civil–military relations – the new Journal of Politics in Latin America affords insights into how Latin American democracies function.

Journal of Politics in Latin America Vol 6, No 2 (2014)

Research Articles

  • Cecilia Martínez-Gallardo: Designing Cabinets: Presidential Politics and Ministerial Instability
  • Taylor Chase Boas: Pastor Paulo vs. Doctor Carlos: Professional Titles as Voting Heuristics in Brazil
  • Hirokazu Kikuchi, Germán Lodola: The Effects of Gubernatorial Influence and Political Careerism on Senatorial Voting Behavior: The Argentine Case
  • Thomas Charles Bruneau, Scott D. Tollefson: Civil–Military Relations in Brazil: A Reassessment

Research Notes

  • Lydia Brashear Tiede, Aldo Fernando Ponce: Evaluating Theories of Decision-making on the Peruvian Constitutional Tribunal

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