New Journal of Politics in Latin America 3/2017

This issue examines the role of paramilitary groups and the military in Latin America, the relaxation of term limits in Argentina, anti-government protests, and more.

Journal of Politics of Latin America Vol. 9, No. 3 (2017)

Research Articles

  • David Pion-Berlin, Miguel Carreras: Armed Forces, Police and Crime-fighting in Latin America
    Abstract | PDF
  • Jacobo Grajales: Private Security and Paramilitarism in Colombia: Governing in the Midst of Violence
    Abstract | PDF
  • Adrián Lucardi, Gabriela Almaraz: With a Little Help from the Opposition? Relaxing Term Limits in the Argentine Provinces, 1983–2017
    Abstract | PDF
  • Ana Isabel López García: Legislative Coalition Size and Antigovernment Protests in Latin America
    Abstract | PDF

Research Notes

  • Omar Sanchez-Sibony: Classifying Ecuador’s Regime under Correa: A Procedural Approach
    Abstract | PDF

Other News

Book |

New book on Comparative Area Studies co-edited by GIGA vice president Patrick Köllner

In brief |

The GIGA Institute of Latin American Studies and partners have created a European collaborative research partnership on violence, security, and peace.

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The journal deals with issues such as the urban poor and electoral politics in Jakarta, territorial disputes in Southeast Asia, political authority in Vietnam, and more.