New Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 3/2018

The 2018 Malaysian General Elections are the focus of the recent special issue of the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 3/2018. It includes analyses of Malaysia’s regime change and the return of Prime Minister Mahathir.

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol. 37, No. 3 (2018)

The 2018 Malaysian General Election: The Return of Mahathir and the Exit of UMNO


  • James Chin, Bridget Welsh: Special Issue Introduction: The 2018 Malaysian General Election: The Return of Mahathir and the Exit of UMNO
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Research Articles

  • Ross Tapsell: The Smartphone as the “Weapon of the Weak”: Assessing the Role of Communication Technologies in Malaysia’s Regime Change
    Abstract | PDF
  • Kai Ostwald, Paul Schuler, Jie Ming CHONG: Triple Duel: The Impact of Coalition Fragmentation and Three-Corner Fights on the 2018 Malaysian Election
    Abstract | PDF
  • John Funston: Malaysia’s 14th General Election (GE14) – The Contest for the Malay Electorate
    Abstract | PDF
  • Bridget Welsh: “Saviour” Politics and Malaysia’s 2018 Electoral Democratic Breakthrough: Rethinking Explanatory Narratives and Implications
    Abstract | PDF
  • Tsu Chong CHAN: Democratic Breakthrough in Malaysia – Political Opportunities and the Role of Bersih
    Abstract | PDF
  • Muhamad M. N. Nadzri: The 14th General Election, the Fall of Barisan Nasional, and Political Development in Malaysia, 1957–2018
    Abstract | PDF
  • James Chin: Sabah and Sarawak in the 14th General Election 2018 (GE14): Local Factors and State Nationalism
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Book Reviews

  • Andrew Selth: Book Review: Zöllner, Hans-Bernd, and Rodion Ebbighausen, The Daughter: A Political Biography of Aung San Suu Kyi
    Abstract | PDF
  • Cheng Guan ANG: Book Review: Acharya, Amitav (2017), East of India, South of China: Sino-Indian Encounters in Southeast Asia
    Abstract | PDF
  • Asif Mohiuddin: Book Review: Miichi, Ken, and Omar Farouk (eds) (2015), Southeast Asian Muslims in the Era of Globalization
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Other News

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This issue of the GIGA Journal of Current Chinese Affairs analyses topics as diverse as the portrayal of good governance in history books, environmental contention, and political bloggers in Hong Kong, as well as many more.

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Two research clusters in which the GIGA is a participant were able to secure funding in 2018 within the framework of the federal government’s Excellence Strategy. Both have now commenced their work.

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GIGA scholars will present their research findings at the International Studies Association’s annual convention in Toronto at the end of March.